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Clearing the slate: Denouncing the noisy faux-nationalist minority: in their defamatory attempts to deny the reascension of European racial nationalism to mainstream politics.
Silent Nationalist Majority
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Craig Cobb:

Other names/alliases: "14% Nigger"

Prominent Associated Figures:

Alex Linder (distributed The Aryan Alternative for him)

Groups founded/associated with:

'Gray's Store, Aryan Autographs and 14 words, L.L.C' (founded), National Alliance (attended as a leadership 'figure'), Pioneer Little Europe (past association with the failed white suicide ghetto project),

Established Facts:

  • Craig Cobb setup a "International Office of White Diaspora" to demoralise whites in America, Britain, South Africa, Australia and any western country to move to continental Europe (Estonia). This failed, serving only to portray a broken image. Craig Cobb was deported from Estonia for causing them image problems, internal and external complaints.
  • Craig Cobb was found via a genetic test to be 14% subsaharan African. This is an extremely high amount. He is over 1/7th Sub Saharan African.
  • 14% is well above 'statistic noise' levels as Craig Cobb tried to explain away. Even 0.5% is above statistical noise levels. There is no margin of error in genetic testing. You have the genes you have. Craig Cobb's broader than normal nose is testament to this mixed race ancestry.


  • Craig Cobb was a faux-nationalist defamation actor who was picked for the role because he could be held up by MSM as an example of a contradictory, laughable nationalist icon whose profile was potent in making everyone want to distance themselves from 'it'.
  • A 14% subsaharan African is unfit for any role in any White Nationalist movement barely even acceptable as a disposable footsoldier let alone as a figurehead and movement leader which is what Craig Cobb egotistically promoted himself as with the help of the Jewish hate-groups and their media cousins.
  • Craig Cobbs involvement in White Nationalism despite knowing of his mixed race ancestry is a clear indicator of a racial inferiority complex compared to his fellow White Americans whom he has always known he was never fully a part of. His White Nationalism was out of frustration at his own racial inferiority to other actually pure whites. Potentially he wanted to damage the image of White Nationalism out of spite knowing that he can never be truly white or anything else. It is likely he held this position and was picked up and promoted by leftwing Jews who knew of his spiteful, jealousy rooted sentiments.
  • Craig Cobb through allowing himself to appear on a mainstream mockery show is testament to his faux-nationalist intentions and willingness to collaborate with anti-whites.


"I’d like to be left alone. I consider myself retired [from being a faux-nationalist defamation actor]. It’s the people of North Dakota who have decided I can’t  have a quiet, peaceful existence.”
-Craig Cobb, 07,03,2014, statement to the AP, -Indicates he never really had deep convictions and was likely a 'defamation actor'. Complaining about people remembering his defamation against the future of white preservation efforts.

"Rosa Parks was a shitskin"
-Craig Cobb, 09/2005 - Doesnt communicate any useful information, everyone already knows that Rosa Parks was a Negro, obviously, Cobb's statement, like so much of his involvement in White Nationalism is designed to gin-up colored activists and give ammo to the Jewish anti-white media through a crude, pointless term to make critics of Rosa Parks look crude, unprofessional and immature and through doing this to actually reinforce her image authority by contrast.

Forms of Faux-Nationalism:

  • Faux Nationalist Edgelording/roleplaying
  • Faux Nationalist Inconsistent ideology
  • Racially unfit and defamatory leadership attempt

Primary reasons for Condemnation:

  • Craig Cobb's genetics are 14% Sub-Saharan African (which is not just any Negro ancestry but the lowest IQ group in Africa). He is likely fully aware of this fact and despite this got involved in White Nationalism and even worse promoted himself as a 'White Nationalist community Leader'. At 14% this means atleast 1.5 of his great grandparents were Negros (1 Negro & 1 mixed race Negro or any combination equating to 1/7th of his total genetics).
  • Craig Cobb's image and actions were an attempt at defamation agaisnt White Nationalism by an individual unfit to even be regarded as white genetically. Craig Cobb is utterly disgusting and his image was an attempt by himself or merely used by the media to make it harder for anyone to want to associate with White Nationalist politics or even the ideas therein: textbook defamation.

Area of Operations:

  • Talinn, Estonia (past, failed setup of the "International Office of White Diaspora" he got deported for his criminal tendencies (probably as a result of him being a 14% subsaharan African))
  • Sherwood, North Dakota (claims to be retired here).
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