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Clearing the slate: Denouncing the noisy faux-nationalist minority: in their defamatory attempts to deny the reascension of European racial nationalism to mainstream politics.
Silent Nationalist Majority
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Dominic Grieve:

Other names/alliases: Dominic Grieve QC, Member of Parliament for Beaconsfield

Prominent Associated Figures:

Theresa May, Anna Soubry,

Groups founded/associated with:

Conservative Party, Various Holocaust Education trusts (endorsements), Conservative Friends of Israel,

Established Facts:

  • Dominic Grieve says on his personal website that he is of mixed French-Jewish ancestry on his mother's side. He is atleast 1/4th Jewish. (Potentially fully Jewish matriarchal lineage wise).
  • Dominic Grieve is the member of Parliament for Beaconsfield. Former Attorney General of the UK government and a QC. He is currently the Chair of the Intelligence and Security Committee.
  • Dominic Grieve was involved in making the population of Brixton 'tolerant' of migrants after the Brixton Riots
  • Dominic Grieve passed ammendments to stop the UK Government moving ahead with leaving the EU without a deal (on the EU terms), attempting to enable the 75% remain supporting Members of Parliament to stop the UK leaving the EU.
  • Dominic Grieve despite being a Conservative openly campaigns for a 2nd Referendum to split the leave vote and thinks the UK will vote to remain after a demoralising 2 years of stiffling by the UK government that has not enacted the will of its own people.
  • Dominic Grieve was nationally accused of committing a "Democratic Abomination" by the MP for Ribble constituency.
  • Dominic Grieve has already been described as a 'liberal Conservative'.


  • Dominic Grieve being 'only' 1/4 Jewish and yet being fully in the know about Jewish influence due to good education and passing through the legal services of the UK becoming a QC and then a member of parliament/MP has made him a disgusting cuck towards Jewish agendas and interests. He does this to try to 'prove' he is one of them or on the same side despite the fact that genetically he is not Jewish enough to even be regarded as one by even 3rd Reich laws. Dominic Grieve seeks to please his Jewish masters and be the living ebodiment of compliant goyim servitude to Jewish interests in undermining the future of theUK especially after the UK rejected membership of the Jewropean Union, signalling they are loosing control of that country. Dominic Grieve subversively authored ammendments against the UK leaving the EU, using congressional methods of disruption against his own party and his own government.
  • Dominic Grieve hates the races of the United Kingdom and all Europeans and whites in general. Dominic Grieve is a Jewish subversive who in his insecurity as only a 1/4th Jew acts in a hyper subversive manner, undermining the strategic interests of the people of his own geographical residence, those who he is supposed to represent.
  • Dominic Grieve being described as a  'liberal Conservative' proves his faux-conservative nature. Dominic Grieve is likely a socialist, multi-culturalist marxist who is only a member of the UK's Conservative party in order to get elected: he is in no way ideologically conservative in any way.


"Quite simply my father, with an Irish mother and living his entire life  in England never, sometimes to my amusement, regarded himself as  anything other than a Scot. My parents’ marriage represented the ‘Auld  Alliance’ and I, helped by my mother’s mixture of French and Jewish  ancestry, have great difficulty viewing myself as an Englishman whatever  my titles of office or the constituency I represent might suggest."
-Dominic Grieve, personal website, June 9th 2014, (Update: he changed this URL to break this link, it is now pictured below, the current link is here)

Forms of Faux-Nationalism:

  • Philo-Semitism
  • Jewish Supremacism
  • Anti-Democratic acts against a white nation
  • Faux-Conservatism

Primary reasons for Condemnation:

  • Philo-Semitism
  • Serving the interests of the anti-European Jewropean Union (EU)
  • Grieve has been undermining a democratic vote of a white nation to leave a hostile bureacratic regime framework that aimed to create "an ever closer union" and turn Europe into "a race of asians and negroids...ruled over by the Jews" (Coudenhove-Kalergi)

Area of Operations:

    • Westminster, United Kingdom
    • Brussels, Belgium
    • Beaconsfield, United Kingdom

    Disraeli House
    12 Aylesbury End
    Beaconsfield Old Town
    HP9 1LW

    Telephone Number 1: +44 01494 673 745
    Telephone Number 2: +44  020 7219 6220
    Dominic Grieve MP Jewish Ancestry
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