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Clearing the slate: Denouncing the noisy faux-nationalist minority: in their defamatory attempts to deny the reascension of European racial nationalism to mainstream politics.
Silent Nationalist Majority
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Alex Linder

Other names/alliases:

Prominent Associated Figures:

Bill White (past), Regina Belser (past)

Groups founded/associated with:

VNN (Vanguard News Network: defunct), VNN Forum (Active, numerically defunct), National Alliance (past member), Kirksville Today website (defunct donation begging local blog), pamplet: The Aryan Alternative,

Established Facts:

  • Alex Linder displayed a complete lack of perception and understanding of racial integrity after attempting to pbring attention to the shooting of a half non-white as an example of a white person.*[1]
  • VNN is the less popular form (in internet rankings, participation and reach) of the equally faux-nationalist internet forum: Stormfront.


  • Alex Linder's VNN is dominated by Jewish faux-nationalists who post deliberately crude and meaningless content that can then be used by their Jewish allies in the mainstream media and various campaign groups to 'discredit' white nationalist's by presenting a faux-image of what white nationalists look and act like:
  • VNN has been the 2nd most destructive forum in the history of American White Nationalism. VNN has engaged in promoting faux-nationalism and blockading against effective white nationalism.
  • [1] Alex Linder promoted the case of Daniel Cicciaro (obviously someone of non-white ancestry due to his name) to deliberately make White Nationalists like himself look incapable of understanding or defining what 'Whites' are and who is white. This was a deliberate faux-mistake to draw the credibility of nationalists into disrepute in the eyes of the silent nationalist majority who could easily see that Cicciaro was a non-white.


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Forms of Faux-Nationalism:

  • Undermines the reputation of American White Nationalism through ideological defamation-by-proxy.
  • Egoism: self worship attracted to associating with Nationalism as an ideology percieved as a route to personal prominence.

Primary reasons for Condemnation:

  • VNN (a website reliant on mistyping of CNN for its bulk traffic) acts as a self-defamation project for nationalism and a personal promotion service for Alex Linder. Projecting an unconvincing form of nationalism that drives away mainstream potential future White Nationalist viewers.
  • Steals and then presents the work and reasearch of other individuals and groups including mainstream organisations (otherwise truthful material beneficial to White Nationalists) and mis-promotes it on his website and tarring its association.
  • Operates a visually amateur news blog site with a complete disgregard and failure in its content and presentation quality. This correlates with the 'crude' nature of Alex Linder's personal style and the content he permits on his forum that makes American White nationalists and all the white nationalists who pose there look rediculous. VNN is a public relations failure incarnate: this is deliberate not by accident: it was designed from the start to make White Nationalists look basic, crude, often contradictory and ill organised: qualities Alex Linder openly promotes by example.

Area of Operations:

  • Lives in Kirksville, Missouri . Primarily undermines American White Nationalism
  • POB 101 , Kirksville, MO, 63501
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