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Clearing the slate: Denouncing the noisy faux-nationalist minority: in their defamatory attempts to deny the reascension of European racial nationalism to mainstream politics.
Silent Nationalist Majority
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American Renaissance

Other names/alliases: Amren,

Prominent Associated Figures:

Samuel Jared Taylor✡? (partner: Evelyn Rich✡/☭), Henry Wolff, Gregory Hood,

Associated groups/allies:

New Century Foundation (AmRen), Western Spring (UK),

Established Facts:

  • Jared Taylor openly said he has no problem with the Jews in a national television appearance. Jared Taylor displayed dictionary definition denialist philo-semitism in the face of the actions of Jews.
  • The partner of Jared Taylor is Evelyn Rich* someone with the same name, approximate age and appearance appears as a researcher in an anti-fascist documentary, which she later admitted in a letter published by the SPLCs website (where she wrote to the SPLC for help and they did by publishing her letter as she requested).
  • Jared Taylor, Evelyn Rich and Amren has recieved reputational damage control assistance from a far left Jewish organisation; the Southern Poverty Law Foundation as detailed above and in pictures below.
  • Jared Taylor and his organisation: American Renaissance rarely talks about the overwhelmingly well-proven Jewish invovlement in undermining European homogeniety and interests through the promotion of anti-white ideologies and facilitating mass non-white migration into white nations.
  • Jared Taylor wrote an entire article in which he indicated it was not an aim of the American Renaissance to permit or promote people talking/writing truthfully against/about the Jewish Supremacists engaging in furthering/facilitating anti-white ideas and actions. This article was written in response to pressure he recieved from his Jewish readers and supporters and in retaliation against Dr David Duke bringing up, at an American Renaissance conference how at this conference the entire subject of Jewish interference was being ignored and how instead the speaker in case (Guillame Faye) and the whole AmRen conference was willfully distracting the subject away from Jewish interference to the mere symptom of Islamic migration. See the Iconic Video linked here.
  • Evelyn Rich, by her own motivation or under pressure from Jared Taylor wrote a letter to the SPLC and asked them to help their reputation (via asking them to publish her letter aimed at white nationalists).
  • The SPLC came to the defence of Evelyn Rich as requested by publishing her letter on May 4th 2016 arguing that she is not Jewish: the letter was entirely written by Evelyn and potentially edited by Jared (supposedly white nationalists) and yet the SPLC enthusiastically published it to help Taylor vs John DeNugent's attacks (who is also a faux-nationalist for other reasons: severe ego driven agenda: staking a claim to white nationalism for ambitions to power and endorsing a non white wannabe-figure, Jack Sen: showing subhuman judgement skills. However unlike Taylor, DeNugent was/is a "notorious anti-semite" by the SPLCs own words (in the title to their several page long print of Evelyn and Jared's carefully crafted letter) explaining why the SPLC sided with Jared Taylor in publishing an entire article and publishing a letter written by his wife and him (potentially overseen by Jared Taylor) on his behalf for potential nationalist readers to read via the high google name search results the SPLC has to attempt to convince the average white nationalist reader Jared Taylor's wife isnt a Jew).
  • It is important to ask why the SPLC would do this? The answer is clear: siding with the most philo-semitic (supporting the best of the worst from their view) plus helping out a potential Jew (Evelyn Rich) and the Jewish control over the faux-nationalist US scene via proping up AmRen to stop a more truthful and effective movement taking its place.
  • Kathleen R. Arnold a professor from the  Political Science department at DePaul University states, "unlike many other white supremacists, Taylor is not anti-Semitic, and in fact encourages Jews to join".
  • Jared Taylor invited Guillame Faye to give a lecture at American Renaissance's conference. Guillame Faye gave a lecture not mentioning, or willfully ignoring the Jewish involvement in undermining White interests throughout the entire speech, instead focusing on Islam with no mention of Jewish Supremacists at an American Renaissance conference, during questions an uninvited guest, one Dr David Duke, drew attention to this fact, forcing Guillame Faye to admit the role of Jews involved in undermining White Interests. During the confrontation a Jewish* attendee stormed out after failing to interrupt Dr David Duke, claiming he had 'disgraced this conference'.
  • AmRen (founded in 1990) is primarily Internet based with an internal journal having been used. AmRen sponsors fund an AmRen conference with ONLY various kosher approved faux-nationalist figures allowed to utter inconsequential self-promotion speeches. Non philo-semites are persona-non-grata at AmRen events and a certain mass of Jewish attendees attempts to shout them down or identify and remove them when they attempt to go there or ask questions: as the experience of Dr. David Duke proves.


  • Evelyn Rich, Jared Taylor's wife appears as a researcher in an anti-fascist documentary. And is thus a communist/Jewish infiltrator who corrupted Jared Taylor, alternatively they could both be Jewish/Communist (or other anti-white, pro-Jewish motivations) and have realised the importance of being faux-nationalists and keeping their version of fake white-nationalism pro-Jewish so it can never become prominent in America and if it did it would remain a Jewish-friendly white nationalism controlled by unaccountable Jews at the centre of the movement (a risk posed by all faux-nationalists).
  • Jared Taylor is of Jewish descent as his appearance indicates: his nationalism is thus a proxy for Jewish Supremacism: Jared Taylor does not talk about the Jews negatively because of this: in the face of overwhelming evidence. His motivation is genetic interest based not based on a warped philo-semitic ideology.
  • Dr David Duke was defacto banned from American Renaissance Jared Taylor after pressure from philo-semites in the American Renaissance who with Taylor's support used their influence to force the banning of open anti-Jewish persons like Dr David Duke following Duke's confrontation of Guillame Faye over ignoring the Jewish role in undermining white interests.
  • American Renaissance is run by Jared Taylor, Henry Wolff and Gregory Hood. There are numerous other names behind that, as detailed in the list of people who did most of the research and work for Taylors book by his own admission. Additional individuals pulling the strings behind American Renaissance exist behind the scenes. Its promotion has relied heavily upon the SPLC and mainstream media 'leeching' and opportunism as well as outright promotion by America's main Jewish media companies and interviewers.


[Interviewer] "How are you with the Jews, are you ok?"
[Jared Taylor] "The Jews?, I mean, the Jews are fine by me" [smiles]
[Interviewer] "And uh so Jews can live in your neighbourhood and go to your cocktail parties with all those good looking people?"
[Jared Taylor] "look white to me"
[Interviewer] "uh huh, did you"
[Jared Taylor] (Interupting) "how are you with the Jews?" [smiling]
-Jared Taylor, MSNBC televised interview.
-Note how Jared Taylor asks "how are you with the Jews?" in a forceful manner as if being "fine" with the Jews is mandatory in his worldview.

"I think Asians are objectively superior to Whites by just about any  measure that you can come up with in terms of what are the ingredients  for a successful society."
-Jared Taylor.
[3] Read point 3 for the truth that disproves this "asians are objectively superior" claim and what it means about Jared Taylor's racial loyalties and intentions.

Forms of Faux-Nationalism:

  • Philo Semitism: American 'white' nationalism (stretched to include semites/Jews[2]).
  • Denial of and suppression of [1] talking about the Jewish prime-movers behind mass non white migration, anti-white propaganda despite overwhelming evidence.
  • Promoting a warped form of pro-Jewish Nationalism in a white nation.
  • Supportive of Israel in concept and one-sided sychophantic racial-cuck admiration: despite Jews being on record as intending to undermine white nations and working against AmRen.

Examples for condemnation:

[1]See the David Duke interruption at an AmRen conference (brilliant move by Duke basically singlehandedly ending the reputation of AmRen amongst real nationalists who saw the video of Duke interrupting, Guillame Faye's squirmy responses and Jared Taylor's hideous philo-semitic written response afterwards, evidently after his Jewish funders and 'colleagues' pressured him to make some noise about it.

[2] Jews by their own self-desrciption are not white they are 'semitic' (as seen in their use of their invented term 'anti-semite'), except when they claim to be white for policial defamation purposes against us (as seen in the various news commentary shows where 'jews' claim they are white and then say they think migration is good for America). Genetics prove Jews are non-whites. Judaism has few universal elements, orthodox Jews fanatically declare converts arent real Jews and converts additionally cannot move to Israel, proving Jews prominently disregard any attempts by genetic non jews to convert to Judaism, however they will ruthlessly exploit those knee-bending people for political gains.

[3] Jared Taylor not only achieved official racial cuckhood in the statement quoted above in the quotations section but it is also false, he ludicrously uses Papua New Guinea and Tibet ("this becomes clear whether we're talking about Irian Jaya (traditional name for Papua New Guinea) or Tibet, for that matter") as examples of superior asians... all Asians have a lower IQ than pure Northern Europeans and in the cases Taylor refers to (Papua New Guinea and Tibet) vastly inferior societies (bordering feudal in some areas)..., Japanese and Eastern Chinese (including Singapore and Hong Kong based) Asians ONLY have higher IQs than just central, southern and south eastern Europeans (slavs, mediteraneans, alpine traditional subcategories etc) and much of the modern IQ data is of entire European nations which includes non whites in the survey samples, dragging down the national IQ scores! These are not pure comparisons of IQs. If sampled with only those of pure descent, Northern Europeans easily exceed the IQs of all of Asia and if measuring just rural Scandinavian or German IQs alone they would easily be superior in their IQ to the Japanese, Hong Kong or Singaporian han Chinese. Only the 'average' IQs of western european descended nations has been reduced 'on average' due to the high birthrate of less intelligent people due to socialist welfare policies and non white migration and genetic pollution. Cucks like Jared Taylor then take this figure and say "Asians are objectively superior", pure cuckhood and a false-understanding (probably intentional) aimed at demoralizing his own white nationalist supporters/readers...

  • Jared Taylor has presided over AmRen for almost 30 years achieving nothing: no AmRen parties have achieved power, White Americans have continued to be reduced towards becoming a minority: AmRen has held no.1 prominence for decades within this timescale and sat at the top of the pile of trash faux-nationalists and done nothing with such a position: this proves AmRen is a faux-nationalist blockade against real White Nationalist groups. White America has only 30 years left: if we let AmRen have the same amount of time it already has we would be a minority without having made a significant political party or movement opposed to such: this would fulfill the operational success criteria for AmRen in any long term achievements based view of their intentions, indicated by their own track record.
  • Jared Taylor's most prominent mainstream contributions to elections in the United States have been to gin up non-white support for Hillary Clinton via election automated phone-calls endorsing Donald Trump. No average white American voter even knows who Jared Taylor is, nor would they vote after hearing that hideous voice, his endorsement means nothing than a hideously bad sounding voice doing a robo-call, it was solely held up by the media to increase non-white support for Democrats, in this regard Jared Taylor might as well have openly campaigned for Hillary Clinton (although his endorsement would actually do damage, just like it did to Trump, this was Jared Taylor's effect). Jared Taylor's non existant personal political achievements are reason for condemnation, for someone in such a prime position to do good for White America: he has done nothing other than promote his own name and a few books.
  • Jared Taylor has attempted to portray multi-racialism and mass colored migration as a 'good intention'. As is clear from the title of his book "Paved with Good Intentions: The Failure of Race Relations in Contemporary America". The average person will never read his book: but the title shows you his intended effect: the headline effect of the title and much of his written material on his website makes it out as if mass-migration was a 'good intention' when the opposite was true. When Jewish Democrats overturned the immigration restrictions in America preventing migration from non-northern european sources into America the Jews that overturned these protections certainly did not do such with 'good intentions' as Taylor would have us believe. He would also have us believe Jews are White too or that their interests are broadly the same despite all the evidence and their own actions against us...

Operational Primary Locations:

  • Oakton, Virginia,
  • International (through various faux-nationalist conferences & primarily online)
American Renaissance
Box 527,
VA 22124

Jared Taylor
2705 Green Holly Springs
Ct. Oakton,
VA 22124

Telephone number: (703) 716-0900.

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