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Clearing the slate: Denouncing the noisy faux-nationalist minority: in their defamatory attempts to deny the reascension of European racial nationalism to mainstream politics.
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Andrew Anglin

Other names/alliases:

'Aundre', 'Asian-fetish fake Nazi Senpai',

Prominent Associated Figures:

Joshua Goldberg (Past writer for the Daily Stormer better known as the now convicted Floridian Jewish Terrorist serving 20 years),

Groups founded/associated with:

Reality Situation (past), Total Fascism (past), Daily Stormer (present),

Established Facts:

  • Andrew Anglin throughout most of his early life was a leftwing extremist who was openly and explicitly anti-white at times, he possesed a deep anti-European racial hatred rooted in anti-colonialism and a rejection of white societies, as proven by his statements and behaviour.
  • Andrew Anglin's website the Daily Stormer has engaged in promoting numerous other faux-nationalists and Jewish authors, such as Joshua Goldberg, the Jewish terrorist arrested in Florida for also posing as an immigrant Islamic leader in Australia to distract away from the Jewish problem he embodied. Andrew Anglin ran numerous damage control articles after the FBI arrested this Jew and it became clear his article authoring for the Daily Stormer would come out.
  • Joshua Goldberg, the Florida based convicted Jewish terrorist serving 20 years in jail was far more involved in the Daily Stormer with article writing than Andrew Anglin admits, as demonstrated by Andrew Anglins reduction of the invovlement of Goldberg with the headline "wacko Jew terrorist Joshua Goldbergy attempte to infiltrate the Daily stormer" when he did infact successfully write articles for the Daily Stormer, that is not "attempted infiltration" that is successful infiltration and full inclusion as a writer for the Daily Stormer.[1]
  • Andrew Anglin's/Daily Stormer's image is diagnoseable as: Retro-Nazi, edgelord psuedo-White Nationalism with Christian lip-service. This ideology is impossible and has inherent contradictions. This is a contradiction as Christianity cannot be consistent with any form of racial nationalism unless describing 'civic-nationalism' to the prophesized multi-racial nation of Christ: which is theoretical and would be contradictory to White Nationalism entirely[2].
  • [2] There is neither Jew nor Gentile, neither slave nor free, nor is there male and female, for you are all one in Christ Jesus. -Galatians 3-28,. This is a clear factual contradiction. This alone is sufficient evidence to convict Andrew Anglin of Faux-Nationalism through clear contradictions in his personal ideology (even just within his nationalism, consider also his records of anti-white positions and his formational early-years far-left psychology*[3]).
  • The International Jewish Media routinely holds up Andrew Anglin as an example of White Nationalism in order to damage White Nationalism and to ogle at his bizzare acts and statements that serve to fulfill and prove the Jewish International Media's assertions of what White Nationalism looks like. Andrew [4].


  • Andrew Anglin's on record entire-life history of adhering to a leftwing, extreme, anti-white ideology has never ceased, he is the 'true' faux-nationalist.
  • [1]Andrew Anglin knew about Joshua Goldberg being Jewish, privately supported his trolling under the name Australi Witness and enthusiastically published articles by his fellow Jewish internet troll Joshua Goldberg. Andrew Anglin is potentially Jewish himself, although one would need to conduct a genetic test to say for sure. Observe his appearance: there is no way he is pure European at all, he cannot be, you dont get broad noses like that and sunken facial features naturally amongst whites not even amongst slavs or mediteraneans.
  • The decrease in the number of articles the Daily Stormer produced after Joshua Goldberg was arrested potentially indicates Joshua Goldberg was a primary engine in the Daily Stormer and that after he was taken down the Daily Stormer struggled to produce content at such a rate (unless the effect was due to a cutback in articles from shock or Andrew Anglin's demoralisation, regardless).
  • It is very clear from his writing tone that Andrew Anglin feared exposure after Goldstein was exposed and wrote in such a way that contradicted his normal style: showing he is a faux-nationalist. He wrote things that a critic of the Daily Stormer would write vs the Daily Stormer, very out of character for Andrew Anglin, clearly, manipulatively seeking to save his own hide from the same fate as his accomplice/co-writer/fellow Jewish internet troll Goldberg.
  • Statements Andrew Anglin makes such as "shekels please Goyim" as the donations request on his page are a way for him to avoid being called out as being Jewish, employing a level of faux-humour about the subject (clearly showing his insecurity pertaining to being revealled as Jewish) that acts to mitigate accusations that he is Jewish, an accusation he is fanatically obsessed about defending against, ahead of time with talmudic defence projections and 'hiding in plain sight', he riddles his article with this narrative also, to set down a layer of opponent-redicule.
  • Western Spring activistists (National Action) have written articles with the Daily Stormer, a philo-semitic website that avoids talking about the Jews, its activists having written articles for a proclaimed anti-Jewish website like the Daily Stormer shows an international working and co-operation network of Jewish faux-nationalists which the Daily Stormer is a key component of.
  • Andrew Anglin's contradictions are as a result of not actually being a real White Nationalist and failing to understand basic principles that he contradicts with a storm like consistency, daily.
  • The Daily Stormer engages in a machiavellian attempt to appeal to the biggest number of varying/contradictory forms of alt-right/traditionalist/racial awareness/rightside views and promotes the most unhealthy form of satirical online trolling without care nor concern for the image or credibility of the subject: a fact he admits is his goal rather than real adovcacy and advances for white racial interests and yet at times then claims he is a serious movement: this is unmistakable faux-Nationalism.
  • [3] Andrew Anglin is fully aware that he is widely regarded as an unsincere, fake nationalist by the silent nationalist majority of his readers and vocal elements of the noisy nationalist minority. He does not care for the views or belief systems of White Nationalists and openly flaunts this and trashes the image of white nationalism daily, intentionally, with mallice and enjoys doing such at the expense of a real white nationalist movement that might exist in the place of his existences' influence and reduction of white nationalist credibility and prospects.
  • [4] Andrew Anglin and the Daily Stormer has benefitted from this promotion (in accordance with its objectives) and routinely writes in a way as to deliberately attract this negative coverage. This is his aim, this has been his effect.


"You see the way white people—and it is white people—went around the  whole world … and fucked everybody,
-Andrew Anglin

“I think the white race should be bred out.”
-Andrew Anglin

"I ask myself what Hitler would do if he’d been born in 1984 in America  and was dealing with this situation we are currently dealing with and  also really liked 4chan and Anime"
-Andrew Anglin, 03.14.2016 (Andrew Anglin admitting he is a wannabe-Hitler (a claim used by many faux-nationalists revealing their extreme egotistical and irrational self-focus) and a weeb).

Forms of Faux-Nationalism:

  • Faux-Nationalism: no real coherent or consistent ideology. Andrew Anglin and the Daily Stormer are the incarnation of inauthentic Faux-Nationalism.
  • Secondary analysis of the most prominent image presented: R
    etro-Nazi, edgelord psuedo-White Nationalism with Christian lip-service & Asian fetish promotion resulting from weebism* (Inherent contradictions

Primary reasons for Condemnation:

  • Andrew Anglin's life long record of adhering to an extreme anti-white, leftwing anarchic political worldview.
  • Andrew Anglin himself has admitted to having a perverse preference for Asian women over white women in multiple articles: beyond a normal rejection of western feminism and has revealled an unhealthy fetish himself, which he tries desperately to normalize with his readers. Further: he evidently seeks to promote an appreciation for Asians amongst his viewers: he posts pictures of Asian models routinely on his website normally under the guise of talking about feminism: he promotes miscegenation as a response to feminism. Evidently this correlates with his past statement pertaining to how he wants whites to be 'bred out', he is promoting a worse evil (miscegenation) as a solution to feminism in a way the Jewish proponents of feminism would want (to breed out whites, Andrew Anglin is either retarded or as established, a miscegenation promoting faux nationalist). The fact that any reader of his site could plausibly percieve Andrew Anglin's site to be occaisionally promoting miscegenation in a literal manner (with Asians) whilst professing white nationalism is reason for condemnation, Anglin's contradictions in message are insane but actually make a lot of sense once you know about his past experiences (living in Asia, trying to find a new society for himself there, being openly anti-white, etc).
  • Andrew Anglin routinely seeks to demoralise the racial worldviews of his white readers and create a break down their hope for the future and of nationalistic success for whites. Core to this is Andrew Anglin's reinforcement of the notion of an untouchable, unstoppable Jewish control matrix, examples of this include: "no goy on earth can defeat an organized army of Jew lawyers", "what a terrible future you would have in prospect". This approach to writing about the subject of Jewish power is not designed nor does it make you feel like fighting Jewish power: it is designed to instill defeatism and suppress the morale and motivation of those unlucky enough to read those de-motivational words and take them as authoritative.
  • Andrew Anglin's deeply held conviction that "the white race should be bred out" corroborated by his promotion of Asian female models on his website to his majority white male audience indicate his anti-white racial views are still his current agenda, masked behind the notion of online 'trolling' and being alt-right, in reality he is a vicious anti-white subversive who promotes the most damaging forms of faux-nationalism, including Christianity and an appreciation of other racial cultures above 'degenerate americans' as he calls us, as a part of this agenda. To do to whites what he claims Whites did to the third world, undermining our tribal and spiritual identities within our most important perpetually-emergent political movement: white nationalism.

Area of Operations:

  • International (past including Eastern Europe, Greece, Malaysia, Russia).
  • United States (current)
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