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Clearing the slate: Denouncing the noisy faux-nationalist minority: in their defamatory attempts to deny the reascension of European racial nationalism to mainstream politics.
Silent Nationalist Majority
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Ben Klassen

Prominent Associated Figures:

Austin Davis (co-founders together of the Nationalist White Party (collapsed/defunct), Rick McCarty ('Pontifex Maximus' after Ben Klassen in 1993)

Other names/alliases:

'Creativity movement founder', Formally the 'Pontifex Maximus of the World Church of the Creator'

Groups founded/associated with:

World Church of the Creator (collapsed), Nationalist White party (collapsed), Nature's Eternal Religion (defunct journal publication)

Established Facts:

  • Ben Klassen's own weak philosophy and his personal inaction in not fighting nor accomplishing anything to resist against the Jewish control of America lead to his suicide.
  • The World Church of the Creator is a collapsed organisation, so too Ben Klassen's attempt at disrupting the chances of mainstream racial nationalism via the 'Nationalist White Party'.
  • The World Church of the Creator otherwise known as the 'Creativity' religion started out as a Christian cult. In 1970 Ben Klassen's defunct Nationalist White Party issued a fourteen-point program (complying with stereotypical images of nationalist parties since the NSDAP issuing a certain short number of points in a 'program' instead of a real comprehensive program) which was clearly that of a Christian cult: "We believe that the White Race was created in the Image of the Lord..."[wikipedia]. The World Church of the Creator copied this over from the failed NWP into a non-Christian form when Ben Klassen tried to move into the more popular anti-Christian and more natural racial-nationalist sphere.
  • The above contradiction proves he had no fixed ideology and simply sought the most popular position to appeal to followers to compliment himself as a wannabe cult leader: an objective he recognised he failed shortly before his cowardly suicide.
  • Ben Klassen was a child of Ukranian Immigrants to Mexico who then subsequently moved to the United States due only to the reduction of US immigration racial-standards, after which he proceeds to interfere in right-wing politics, at every stage achieving failure except for a brief 5 months in the Florida House of Representatives (Nov 1966-March 1967).
  • He took over and failed in his position as the vice chaiman of an organisation in Florida 'supporting' George Wallace's Presidential bid.
  • Ben Klassen's history of egotistical pursuits is clear in the name of the private company he registered "Klassen Enterprises, Inc." (1956-1962) seeking to make his name the core focus of all his efforts instead of more practical names. Ben Klassen sought to sell wall-mounted electric can openers, which failed. A decade before he named himself 'Pontifex Maximus' of the World Church of the Creator.
  • Ben Klassen attempted to setup a cult school for teenage boys which would attract young men to Otto, North Carolina for two-week activities where they would be tought ""the goals and doctrines of Creativity" In an attempt to compliment his own ego as a cult leader, secure recruits and attempt to cement white nationalism as a female-less enterprise.
  • Modern Immitations of Ben Klassen have followed the same cult style and fought eachother over the title of 'Pontifex Maximus'. In 2000 an Oregon based Church of the Creator sued the New Church of the Creator for trademark infringement. Ben Klassen's toxic legacy in appealing to egotistical edgelords was evident with the New Church of the Creator leader Matt Hale who displayed typical Klassen style wannabe-cult leader tendencies, unwilling to defend his ideology or even personal reputation himself,  Matt Hale encouraged followers to act for him, achieving nothing except encouraging an FBI informant to kill a Judge (who ruled against Matt Hale in favour of the other cult-leader in charge of the Oregan based Church of the Creator) instead of just doing it himself, subsequently getting himself a 40 year prison scentence in federal prison (currently in FCI Terre Haute, Indiana).


  • Ben Klassen did not at all believe in white nationalism, sought to undermine it whilst egotistically and with no credibility: declaring himself the sole 'Pontifex Maximus' of the 'World Church of the Creator'. Ben Klassen, the Ukranian immigrant, must have known stood no chance of becoming a World Church) and was transparently an ego-driven wannabe Cult-leader.  Due to solely this experience of extreme failure he subsequently committed suicide, he could have gone out fighting (as per his ideology?) but chose to overdose with sleeping pills...
  • Jewish Faux-Nationalists and immitation edgelords seek to promote his 'Creativity religion' to this day because they know the negative effect it has on the very will to live of its adherents.
  • The 'Crown' imagery of the logo of Creativity and Ben Klassen's cult leader conduct indicate he was merely another failed southern US cult leader and only associated with white nationalism as it was an easy no-qualifications required route to becoming a cult leader.
  • In 2003 Ben Klassen's cult leftovers fight over who is in control, with one cult leader renaming them to the Church of Creativity in 2003 and uses Roman symbolism and latin (inferior mediteranean racial depravity in appeals to Imperialism that actually sought to undermine whites).
  • The 'Creativity Alliance' attempts to keep Ben Klassen's failed, abstract, artificial ideology in circulation in order to coax more victims into committing suicide through adherence of its hopeless ideology whilst providing no 'Creativity' whatsoever to fight or resist Jewish influence, just abstractly telling adherents to follow its 'mission'. "The Creativity Alliance strives to return to Creativity Founder Ben Klassen’s vision of The Church of the Creator (COTC)".


"RaHowa: Racial Holy War"
-Ben Klassen

Forms of Faux-Nationalism:

  • Artificial religious cult divergence away from normal healthy racial-nationalism: leading to the suicide of its own leader: undoubtedly of many untold followers and subsequent internet readers of his work: who only find abject depression and hopelessness in his work with no practical framework to do anything about it: typical southern US cult style.

Primary reasons for Condemnation:

  • A Ukranian slav promoting a fake 'white religion' and promoting himself as supreme leader of such in America
  • Attempted to damage the campaign of George Wallace from within.
  • Committed suicide proving how his personal ideology was unstable and more like those of America's most infamous suicide cults than of any normal semblance of healthy racial nationalism. His written work thus has a strong chance of being conducive towards this: in that it makes its adherents so depressed and provides them with no hope nor framework of motivation to do anything about the situation: resulting inevitably in high suicide rates amongst followers of the 'Creativity' perverse morphed form of racial-nationalist ideology that is more likely to kill its adherents through demotivation and depression than it is likely to motivate them to do anything to fight the situation. This is evident considering his work was written in 1973 and achieved no political gains since.
  • Despite (or perhaps as a result of) his written principles: Ben Klassen cowardly and inconsequentially committed suicide on August 7th, 1993 via taking an overdose of sleeping pills. He could have taken a stand or gone out fighting but instead killed himself achieving nothing, other than showing how bad his ideology was (perhaps this was good for real nationalism and he came to realise how his 'church' was achieving nothing). He had prior to his suicide, egotistically designated his own property as 'Ben Klasssen Memorial Park'.

Area of Operations:

  • The Church of the Creator was headquartered in Otto, North Carolina.
  • This faux-nationalist is thankfully dead by falling victim to his own writing's inducement of severe depression and hopelessness: with no realistic effort made to do anything about the situation.
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