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Clearing the slate: Denouncing the noisy faux-nationalist minority: in their defamatory attempts to deny the reascension of European racial nationalism to mainstream politics.
Silent Nationalist Majority
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Bill White:

Other names/alliases:

Prominent Associated Figures:

Willis Carto, (wrote for his American Free Press)

Groups founded/associated with:

American National Socialist Workers Party (2006-),Overthrow website, National Socialist Movement / NSM (past), White Homes and Land, LLC (setup by Bill White, rented properties to blacks),

Established Facts:

  • Bill White is on record as being involved with and promoting violent anti-racist, he does not deny this fact.*[1] Bill White boasts he was reading the Jewish psychologist Freud's work at the age of 13 and also read Karl Marx's work at that age. He admits to publishing a 'Utopian Anarachist Party' pamphlet at that age that promoted Black empowerment and communism in his white high school [2]. This proves his Jewish (Freudian) anti-white hatred existed at an early age.
  • Bill White adhered to a form of left-wing anarcho-communism and promoted drug usage, homosexuality and physical violence against nationalists before himself becoming a faux-nationalist actor.
  • Bill White's primary website Overthow started out (and this is not denied) as a pro-colored advocacy website, including the promotion of marijuana, bombing right-wing figures and groups, Black Panther and drug related style groups (Green Panthers, etc), Jewish socialist meeting groups, LGBT groups and rants pertaining to his ideology.
  • Bill White less than 2 years after starting his Overthow website managed to successfully infiltrate the Presidential Campaign of Patrich Buchanan, becoming an official within the campaign (which was a campaign that failed)
  • Bill White's political website Overthrow was not changed to represent his new 'white nationalist' claimed positions until late 2001, early 2002. Bill White had published anti-white content whilst working as an official for a relatively mainstream pro-white presidential campaign (Patrich Buchanan's).
  • Bill White managed to infiltrate the faux-nationalist organisation the 'National Socialist Movement' and became the national spokesman of the 'NSM for a period of time.
  • Bill White sought the mutual promotion of other various faux nationalist organisations and figures. This is evidenced in the instance where Bill White was arrested for threatening a foreman of a Jury on behalf of the faux-World Church of the Creater leader Matt Hale.


  • [1]Bill White has relied upon his violent anti-racist past not being mentioned in order to maintain any credibility with white nationalists whatsoever.
  • [2]Bill White's subsequent involvement in White Nationalism and relentless gripping for positions of self-appointed leadership and influence of an entire faux-immitation of the historical German NSDAP with his American modern wannabe-equivalent was motivated by his admitted Jewish psychology and politics (Freud and Marx) rooted anti-white racial hatred and activism, that did not end when he was young but like many Jewish faux-nationalists he realised the most effective way for him to fight against white nationalism was to make a faux-nationalist website and group and to 'embody' it, to prevent a genuine (dangerous to his Judaised, pro-colored worldview) white nationalist from doing so in his place. Bill White's entire history of invovlement in White Nationalism thus  was to drag it down and prevent it from going anywhere, he likely learned some of the method for this from his reading of Freud's psychology and the nature of political movements written about by Karl Marx that he admitted to reading at the easily influenced-into-extremism age of 13.
  • It is in the context of his open anti-racism and adherence to anti-white positions that inspired Bill White to become involved in faux-nationalist disruption efforts and in setting up his American National Socialist Workers Party under some fantasy that he could prevent a real American Nationalist movement by occupying the namesake and political spectrum where a racial nationalist uprising would occur through. His website Over-throw (now defunct) was for many years the no.1 racial nationalist website in America, demonstrating that Bill White was a successful anti-racist in blockading against and stealing the support base of what could and should have been real racial nationalists in the time period of its primary operation (2006-2009) and online prominence.
  • Bill White marched around black areas on his own shouting things such as 'the clan are coming to regulate the area' to try to demonise white nationalism and gin-up and motivate ethnic minorities into anti-white political involvement in 2004/5 engaging in classic faux-nationalist demonstration/protest instigation.
  • Openly anti-US, pro-drugs, pro-colored, former communist activist presenting himself as a White Nationalist, excplicit claims to being the inheritor of the mantle of the NSDAP in its image, founded the American National Socialist Workers Party to create this image.


"because William White is an illusion. One could say he was created by  the government to distract the people from the poverty and misery of  failed America, but, on a metaphysical level, he was dreamed into being  by these demons [The US Government] for a purpose. No longer subject to this demonic dream, I  can no longer be Bill White."
-Bill White, - Revealing Bill White was a psuedonym and his potential anti-US psychosis.

Forms of Faux-Nationalism:

  • Partial imitator of the historical NSDAP (through founding the American National Socialist Workers Party) whilst having promoted anti-US, pro-colored views and anarcho-communist views openly before staking a claim to white nationalism.
  • Faux-Nationalism: attempted to set himself up as the NSDAP inheritor, claims of being essentially THE leader of nationalism yet achieving abject failure and defaming the credibility of everything he associated with and was used by his Jewish allies to confer this image onto White nationalism by association.
  • No clear ideology: clear indicator of faux-nationalism from the start of his career, when he claimed to change views from being a pro-colored, pro-Jewish (he states he read Freud and Marx) communist to being a white nationalist, the reality is he never changed his core beliefs, he only changed his -image- to do damage to all that he could associate with in his white nationalist involvement on behalf of his core ideals that were at war with White Nationalism and always will be.

Primary reasons for Condemnation:

  • Bill White's faux Nationalism has both failed to achieve any results and shows all the hallmarks of being a pro-colored, pro-Jewish, pro-Communist faux Nationalist fraud, whose motivation for engaging in faux-nationalism is to blockade against real nationalist movements and figures.

Area of Operations:

  • Attempted to fleet to Mexico calling the United States a "Demonic dream", claims he had been given asylum by a regime in Latin America which supported his opposition to the US Government
  • Seems to still live in Roanake, Virginia,
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