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Clearing the slate: Denouncing the noisy faux-nationalist minority: in their defamatory attempts to deny the reascension of European racial nationalism to mainstream politics.
Silent Nationalist Majority
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Daily Stormer:

Other names/alliases:

Prominent Associated Figures:

Andrew Anglin½, Andrew 'Weev' Auernheimer, Joshua Ryne Goldberg

Associated groups/allies:

Various mutual and one sided (reputational attack) endorsements, Given prominence by the Jewish mainstream media routinely, Given prominence by Jewish online tabloids

Established Facts:

  • The Daily Stormer relies on crude humour, memes and attention seeking headlines for its high internet rankings.
  • The Daily Stormer allowed Jewish troll Joshu Ryne Goldberg to write numerous, obviously exaggerated articles for the Daily Stormer, only removing them after Joshua Goldberg was arrested and charged with terrorism by the FBI.


  • The Daily Stormer's style and content undermines any notion of seriousness, renegating everything it talks about and the very act of talking about these topics look unsincere and trollish. Andrew Anglin has admitted he engages in trolling through his writing as one of his primary personal styles. In reality the Daily Stormer is an act of trolling against White Nationalism. With its Asian fetish promotion, lowly humour and yet extremely high internet rankings as a result of its impulsive attraction to the young, multi-racial audencies who view the Daily Stormer for a laugh, which gives it, its high internet rankings which allows it to blockade against actual serious white nationalist progress.
  • Inevitably a significant number of the Daily Stormer's audience is not even white let alone white nationalist but inevitably a large amount of antifa, coloreds and Jews read it to laugh at the humoured, Asian fetish-drenched plight of whites depicted on the Daily Stormer: from its super high internet rankings the Daily Stormer is a high repeat visitation site which has achieved an addiction level of visitation from the aforementioned audience.
  • This high internet ranking allows the Jewish media to portray the Daily Stormer as the leading alt-right website or 'nazi website' as they like to say, despite the inevitability that a significant amount of its traffic does not come from whites at all let alone white nationalists and that the number of times Andrew Anglin has made mistakes, lost large segments of his website's readers and the unsincere (and admitted trolling) nature of his website means that any serious white nationalists long ago stopped visiting it.
  • White Nationalists when they discovere the Daily Stormer cease to view it after a few weeks. As a former reader of the Daily Stormer I can attest to this in my case as a older-aged American; reading the Daily Stormer's articles did not make me feel motivated or positive nor engage in any form of practical racial advocacy but acted as a kind of humour distraction, observing the Daily Stormer's denounciation of violence and terrorism makes me wonder whether a new found objective of Anglin's site is to satiate white nationalist viewers, however few visit his site, with humoured distractionism and memes, aimed primarily at younger audiences than I. To dissuade them from any political involvement or actions.
  • The Daily stormer routinely reinforces the Jewish narratives relating to the holocaust, inbetween mocking Jewish lies (a positive thing) it often then goes on to actually reinforce those same Jewish lies with other contradictory statements this is as a result of a lack of true belief or lazy writing, either way the Daily Stormer routinely reinforces the notions of the Jewish lie of the Holocaust having occured whilst supposed to be opposed to it, often times this is done in the same article.
  • The Daily Stormer's Krypto Report routinely does the above. The Krypto Report also endorses a form a Christianity, with one host saying that the Torah was good and that the Talmud is the thing they oppose. Contradicting the truth, which they state sometimes, that Jews are defined by their race and yet for example in The Krypto Report 'tkr054.mp3' at approximately 41:00 minutes one host says "they dont follow the Torah", implying that the Torah is a source of goodness (as the proto-type for the Christian Old Testament). This form of Christian attachment to the Jewish publication that is Christianity shows an ultimately Kosher underlying corruption in the Daily Stormer's angle and agenda, that will always spawn more philo-semitic interpretation sub-movements as revealled via that of its radio presenters and article writers. This conflicts with pure racial nationalism and staunch opposition to Jewish influence that is contradicted by numerous clauses in the Old Testament and especially the immigrant welcoming, forgiving, tolerance promoting Saul of Tsarsus authored New Testament, which was written -for- Europeans to adopt to undermine our resolve vs the Jews and their plan of subverting our spiritual and then societal then racial integrity.


See: Andrew Anglin's information page for quotes from Andrew Anglin

Forms of Faux-Nationalism:

  • Faux Racial Nationalism
  • Christian Masked Philo-Semitism (Racial Masochism)
  • Defamation of the image of White Nationalists
  • Safety valve humour website aimed at young white Americans.

Primary reasons for Condemnation:

  • The Daily Stormer routinely and deliberately engages in image defamation against White Nationalism, America and any serious opposition to the issues and symptoms written about on its website.

Area of Operations:

  • International (Online)
  • United States (Online)
New Faux-Nationalist websites, groups and personas are constantly appearing:
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