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Clearing the slate: Denouncing the noisy faux-nationalist minority: in their defamatory attempts to deny the reascension of European racial nationalism to mainstream politics.
Silent Nationalist Majority
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Fake 'Identity' or 'Identitarian' Groups and Figures

Those that stake a claim to 'Identitarianism' or to promoting a fake racial 'identity' politics to undermining a real racial identity.

Fake Identitarianism is simply another color on the flag of faux-nationalism. Faux-Identitarian groups are often interchangeable with faux-nationalist groups. It also refers to the groups who have clung to the advertisment term of 'Identitarian' to try to make them seem different. Modern faux-Identitarians are typically non-racialist, even though their intended audience is 99% white/european, this gives their Jewish leadership a convenient technical excuse if anyone reveals them as Jewish or partially of colored ancestry. Faux-Identitarians seek to steal momentum away from nationalism as a whole whilst distracting nationalists as a whole through engaging us in pathetic debate over nomenclature.

Identitarian is an ideological classificiation refering to groups that seek to emphasise any form of Identity. Faux-Identitarians are those who pervert Identity to disclude race or ethnicity, allowing colored or Jewish members and leaders: Examples include: PEGIDA, Generation Identitaire. Identitarians can be synonymous with civic-nationalists who have clung to the term Identitarian to provide an excuse or cover for their flawed ideology. They seek to appeal to people who are becoming opposed to the cultural symptoms of colored migration and almost becoming racially aware and then stunts their ideological development: keeping them for as long as they can as non-racially aware individuals. The small numbers of Identitarians suggests they have a high member turnover rate and routinely lose people to other faux-nationalists or potentially real nationalist groups or ideologies.
New Faux-Nationalist websites, groups and personas are constantly appearing:
If you find a figure or group not currently on the boycott list email their details.
There is still a huge amount of writing that needs to be done vs. current entities.
STANDARDS OF EVIDENCE: Established facts & 'Allegations' should be separate.
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