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Clearing the slate: Denouncing the noisy faux-nationalist minority: in their defamatory attempts to deny the reascension of European racial nationalism to mainstream politics.
Silent Nationalist Majority
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Groups or Figures that make False appeals to the 'National Interest'

Those that claim to be acting in the 'National Interest' or adhere to ideological courses of action that they claim are in the 'National Interest' or who have used appeals to the 'National Interest' to push their genda when they are actually undermining the 'National Interest'.

False appeals to the 'national interest' are used as a cover term to attempt to justify something via appealing to the average citizen's concern for the national interest. False appeals to the national interest are used routinely by mainstream politicians and is a form of faux-nationalism, claiming to care for the 'national interest' they claim things that are undeniably against the national interest are 'in the national interest'. False or 'Faux' appeals to the National Interest are a sickening masking of a treasonous act or tyrannical course of action (for example the Patiot act) as one that is in their view good for their agenda which they stretch to claim is good for Americans, Democrats and Republicans use this phrase to make a faux-claim (untrue statement) that something is in the 'national interest'.

Mainstream appeals to the 'national interest' are at best nothing to do with true national interests and at worst extremely destructive to the national interest, the national interest of a racially European population (nation) is to continue to be racially European and to gain economic, military, present and future security and further means to exist and prosper as a genetic nation.

Evidently those that claim that things such as 'intervening in Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Iran, Libya' is in the national interest: have no care for anything directly to do directly with the national interest and abuse the term to justify their agenda. Appeals to the 'national interest' are used to justify low-skill economic migration to prop up large corporate factories and corporate farming complexes. The statement: 'in the best interests of the nation' or 'in the interest of a nation' are clearly seeking to appeal to underlying nationalistic sentiments in voters and thus using such terminology is a form of faux-nationalism used by the entire political spectrum. This shows how the Silent Majority of Americans are nationalists.

Thus the misuse of any statement claiming an ideological course of action is in the 'national interest' when it is not and is often diametrically opposed to the 'national interest', must be criticised as a disguised, routinely encountered and lowly form of faux-nationalism, which blockades against real nationalism via trying to satiate voters' appetite for candidates or politics that is conducted by people doing what is in the 'national interest' when all they are getting is faux-claims to be acting in the national-interest by traitors or ideological enforcers (political campaigners, activists, strategists) who know that they need to make these false appeals to the 'national interest' to get away with doing what they are doing or intend to do to.
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