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Clearing the slate: Denouncing the noisy faux-nationalist minority: in their defamatory attempts to deny the reascension of European racial nationalism to mainstream politics.
Silent Nationalist Majority
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Greg Johnson:

Other names/alliases:

Prominent Associated Figures:

Jack Donovan,

Groups founded/associated with:

Counter Currents (Editor), London Forum (speaks at), Scandza Forum (speaks at), Arktos (sells books from), countless other faux-nationalist web-zines and figures.

Established Facts:

  • Greg Johnson employed/promoted Jack Donovan, an open homosexual 'manosphere' activist and writer for years and defended him writing for Counter Currents when it was explicitly revealled to his readers by Breitbart that Donovan was a homosexual, which he did not disclose in his biography or writing for Counter Currents*[1].
  • Greg Johnson incorrectly believes that Australians and New Zealanders of white descent, from the same national origin have "evolved distinct ethnic identities" demonstrating a lack of racial understanding and meta understanding of words such as 'ethnic'.

H2 Allegations:

  • [1] Jack Donovan has openly stated on a forum that he has had, has and enjoys homosexual sex more than sex with women and routinely wrote for Counter Currents despite this, suggesting his writing with Counter Currents is part of a strategic effort to normalize homosexuality amongst the alt-right and nationalist political culture. This is corroborated by the title and content of Greg Johnson's public relations damage control interview, this public relations damage control statement (masquerading as an interview) was given a platform for him by Henrik Palmgren of Red Ice Radio where Greg Johnson stated that nationalism should be 'straight but not narrow', which is a contradictory statement, implying a straight political movement with the inclusion of homosexuals.
  • This attempt to normalize homosexuality subconsciously through the anti-female writings of Jack Donovan, could plausibly have the effect of and thus there is sufficient evidence to state: was, an attempt to ensure that readers of Counter Currents do not have children. This is a strategic move to stop Counter Current's intended audience: higher IQ white males from having children. Greg Johnson promoted and encouraged by Jack Donovan in his writing for Counter Currents for many years in this regard. Greg Johnson did not remove Jack Donovan as a writer, Jack Donovan stopped writing for Counter Currents: showing Greg Johnson's lack of leadership, judgement and perception in allowing this individual to write for his website for so long. However the array of imperfect and many openly Philo-Semitic authors and articles entertained and given a platform by Greg Johnson make this look normal for his defamatory conduct in amongst white nationalism.

H2 Quotes:

"there are a lot of losers, assholes, and freaks in the White Nationalist world"
-Greg Johnson, A Reply to Jack Donovan (Irony coming from Greg Johnson in defending Jack Donovan, emphasis on the 'freak' and 'losers' part...)

H2 Forms of Faux-Nationalism:

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H2 Primary reasons for Condemnation:

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H2 Area of Operations:

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