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Clearing the slate: Denouncing the noisy faux-nationalist minority: in their defamatory attempts to deny the reascension of European racial nationalism to mainstream politics.
Silent Nationalist Majority
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Guillaume Faye:

Other names/alliases:

Prominent Associated Figures:

Jared Taylor,

Groups founded/associated with:

Speaker at the American Renaissance conferences, Arktos, Rivarol journal, Terret et Peuple (group),

Established Facts:

  • Guillame Faye gave a lecture ignoring the Jewish involvement in undermining White interests, instead focusing on Islam at an American Renaissance conference, during questions the uninvited guest Dr David Duke drew attention to this fact, forcing Guillame Faye to admit the role of Jews involved in undermining White Interests, Dr David Duke was defacto banned from American Renaissance conferences following this.
  • In 2007 in La Nouvelle question juive Faye attacked anti-zionists and holocaust revisionists/holocaust deniers (hostile term).[1]
  • Guilllaume Faye has had his books translated into English and published by Arktos
  • Guillaume Faye has called for a 'pan-European' government.[2]
  • Guillaume Faye has been a promoter of the 'clash of civilizations' theory positing a European and Western conflict with Islam[3].
  • It is unknown if his genes are Jewish or if he has Jewish relatives.


  • Guillaume Faye is a disgusting philo-semitic old French Man masquerading as an opponent of Jewish subversion. In recent Years Guillaume Faye has been a promoter of the lie that Jews are turning onto the same side as the Europeans against Muslims
  • [2] In this regard Guillaume Faye has encourage or directed societal support towards the EU from the otherwise anti-EU far-right by supporting the idea of a pan-European government rather than a Europe of nation states.
  • Guillaume Faye is a pro-colored sympathiser with fetishes for the nobility of Jews and in his work it is clear he secretely adores Jews and tries to secure support for 'nationalist Jews' or 'awakened' Jews despite their hatred for non-Jews accross the left-right spectrum in Judaism and the core supremacist principles in ethnic Jewish identity to the disadvantage of whites.
  • [3] Guillaume Faye wants his supporters to ignore the Jewish role in facilitating the mass migration of colored people into America, Europe and all Western nations. His projection of a fanatical obsession with Islam serves as a distractionist hobby for white nationalists to become occupied with and not focus on the Jews.
  • This encouraging of the ultimately Jewish narrative of a 'clash of civilizations' with Islam is exactly what Jews want people of European descent to be distracted with, instead of realising it is simply the Jews artificially creating this clash.


"clash of civilization"
-Guillaume Faye, numerous repititions of this notion

"Worse than the Jews are those who are Jews in the mind"
-Guillaume Faye, American Renaissance Conference, March 3rd 2006, Faux-claim that the symptom is worse than the cause...

"In Western Europe there is something interesting, the Jewish community... is beginning to be awake of  the Arabs arrive... well the Arabs arrive in France and they attack the Jews it is horrible"
-Guillaume Faye, American Renaissance Conference, March 3rd 2006,

"The danger of the Jew is not the same as the Arab"
-Guillaume Faye, American Renaissance Conference, March 3rd 2006,

"No great firms [in the media] in France [are owned by Jews]"
-Guillaume Faye, American Renaissance Conference, March 3rd 2006,

"The best thing is to not speak about the Jews"
-Guillaume Faye, American Renaissance Conference, March 3rd 2006,

"I was invited by the Jewish congress of French was extraordinary"
-Guillaume Faye, American Renaissance Conference, March 3rd 2006,

Forms of Faux-Nationalism:

  • Philo-Semitism
  • Faux-Nationalism
  • Faux-Neopaganism
  • Islamic Distractionism
  • Support for the Federalization of Europe

Primary reasons for Condemnation:

  • Guillaume Faye is a vicious, anti-white, pro-colored philo-semite and closet-Zionist who sees his primary task and legacy as aiding the Jewish subversion of Europe and the West from within, by distracting the gentiles away from the Jewish problem. He belives the Jews will thank him and remember him for this, as to his motivation.

Area of Operations:

  • International (Books & Online)
  • France (Books & Interviews)
  • United States (Promotion via Jared Taylor)
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