Heathens United Against Racism - Silent Nationalist Majority

Clearing the slate: Denouncing the noisy faux-nationalist minority: in their defamatory attempts to deny the reascension of European racial nationalism to mainstream politics.
Silent Nationalist Majority
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Other names/alliases: Canadian Jews pretending to be heathens, HUAR.

Prominent Associated Figures:

Various Jews.

Associated groups/allies:

Various Asatru Facebook and social media only pages that fall for the manipulation/pressure of associating with HUAR.

Established Facts:

  • HUAR is an anti-white, anti-Heathen group of primarily Canadian Jews /philo-semites claiming to be heathens.
  • HUAR is a primarily facebook and social media based (paper tiger) group of self-proclaimed anti-racist activists targetting emerging heathen groups.


  • HUAR is a group of Canadian Jews intent on disrupting the naturally folkish heathen movement.
  • A group of hypocritical, transparently obvious racist Canadian Jews laughably claiming to be 'heathens'. No one believes them or works with them except other Jews running other fake heathen groups. Who supports HUAR is a good litmus test to apply to determine which heathen groups are fake.


Typical HUAR propaganda utilizing the image generated by other Jews of 'hateful' 'thuggish' 'racists' to try to morally pressure people into supporting their anti-European existence objectives. Seen here in this screenshot these laughable Jews of HUAR attempted to engage in electoral interference against another country. HUAR in this picture from their facebook page can be seen supporting an effort to try to morally manipulate people in the UK into voting to remain in the EU (-THEY FAILED-, LOL!).

Although HUAR is partially defeated and now largely defunct we must never forget their now-failed attempts. This must be brought up over and over to awaken people as to the nature of faux-groups like them and also how they rely on a network of other faux-nationalist groups to portray the negative image they rely on associated with racial awareness. We cannot overlook the morally depraved depths and falsehoods these degenerate HUAR types are willing to stoop to and engage in to make European racial continued existence out to be a bad cause. They are not heathens they are a part of the Jewish anti-European racist international campaign network. They support various campaigns and bodies (such as the EU, ADL, etc) that have nothing to do with heathenry under the pretext of being heathens. They are a failed wannabe trend-setter attempt inserting into heathenry social circles online.

Forms of Faux-Nationalism:

  • Faux-Heathenry
  • Faux-Traditionalism
  • Openly anti-European continued existence whilst claiming a stake to a European tradition

Primary reasons for Condemnation:

  • A bunch of Canadian Jews pretending to be 'heathens' to try to disrupt the ideological homogeniety of heathens by injecting anti-white subversion.
  • HUARs objective is to end Europeans and poison the revival of heathen belief systems by applying strategic pressure to 'cuck' emergent mainstream heathen currents into surrendering to HUARs notions of anti-European racism under the moral bow-beating technique of using the negative connotations and images of 'racism' to intimidate hundreds of emergent heathen groups and persons.

Area of Operations:

  • International (online via Jewish owned social media platforms)
New Faux-Nationalist websites, groups and personas are constantly appearing:
If you find a figure or group not currently on the boycott list email their details.
There is still a huge amount of writing that needs to be done vs. current entities.
STANDARDS OF EVIDENCE: Established facts & 'Allegations' should be separate.
Submit evidence via email
EMAIL: (see the picture below)
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