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Clearing the slate: Denouncing the noisy faux-nationalist minority: in their defamatory attempts to deny the reascension of European racial nationalism to mainstream politics.
Silent Nationalist Majority
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Henrik Palmgren:

Other names/alliases:

IMPORTANT: Henrik Palmgren is not a faux-nationalist personally although his effect has been to promote other faux-nationalists (philo-semites, e.g: Jared Taylor and allies, various distractionists, e.g: secret space program/atlantis freaks, Jewish figures, e.g: Uri Geller, faux nationalists, e.g Andrew Anglin) and for this he has to be condemned: comment on Red Ice Videos, social media posts linking here to persuade Henrik to stop providing coverage to faux-nationalists and to be more responsible in accordance with our Boycott List.

Prominent Associated Figures:

Lana Lockteff,

Groups founded/associated with:

RedIce, Red Ice Radio, Red Ice TV, Radio 3Fourteen,

Established Facts:

  • Henrik Palmgren started out as a Conspiracy theory and alternative talk-show. Henrik Palmgren around 2014 slowly moved into covering the Alt-Right and interviewing faux-nationalistic figures which saw his readership numbers increase.
  • Henrik Palmgren's interviews of various faux-nationalists has resulted in increases in support for these faux-nationalists.


  • Henrik Palmgren's willingness to interview and promote Jewish figures such as Uri Geller, former Mossad Agent who made a TV career bending spoons alongside numerous faux-nationalists with contradictory messages to eachother showing he is not concerned about a coherent message and is concerned only with internet rankings, his website's profit and prominence. Henrik Palmgren is potentially just an opportunistic parasite who focuses on the Alt-Right for profit due to the low competition niche where he can stand a chance of dominating unlike in the mainstream media sphere.
  • Henrik Palmgren has conducted reputational damage control interviews with numerous faux-nationalist figures during moments of reputational crisis for example giving Counter Current's Greg Johnson a platform after it was revealled one of Counter Current's long term prominent authors is a homosexual. The same service was also provided to Andrew Anglin via Lana Lockteff's Radio 3Fourteen.
  • Henrik Palmgren's personal ideology is perfect: however he endorses and gives prominence to numerous faux-nationalists quite willingly purely for website rankings, income and prominence with no concern for the effect of effectively propping up dozens of faux-nationalists through interviewing them, giving them website number boosts and helping them solidify their place in blockading against real nationalists emerging in their place. Henrik's interviews have literally been the sole reason several faux nationalists have continued their operations after a sudden boost of viewers.
  • Henrik's inclusion of conspiracy theories alongside real issues pertaining to white nationalism undermines the credibility of white nationalism and the respectability of espousing ideas and opinions related to white nationalism, dragging it down to the realm of conspiracy theorism.


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Forms of Faux-Nationalism:

  • Promoting faux-nationalists, including ones that have said 'Jews are white' and even having interviewed openly Jewish figures (e.g: Uri Geller).
  • Disregard for nationalist standards in the people he has promoted, knowingly interviewing anti-white frauds and philo-semites.
  • Destructive Egoism: pursuit of online search result prominence and personal income at the expense of the integrity of white nationalism.
  • Conspiracy theory distractionism: endorsement of various distraction theories and interviewing promoters of distractionist sub-movements.
  • Conspiracy theory defamation: dragging the image of white nationalism down to being on par with conspiracy theories Henrik also covers.

Primary reasons for Condemnation:

  • Henrik Palmgren irresponsibly interviews failing and rising faux-nationalist figures, including known Jews and philo-Semitic faux-nationalists giving them enough online viewers and readers to continue their operations where otherwise they would have sunk to extremely low levels of internet prominence due to online audiences abandoning these faux-nationalists.
  • Therefore Henrik Palmgren has collaborated clearly (potentially just for the sake of the search results he gets through having up an interview with 'x' figure's name on it as opposed to being out of malice and willing subversion of white nationalism) with the propagation of the most infamous colors of faux-nationalism and is a core component of the faux-nationalist sphere, preventing real nationalists from emerging and disrupting their movement's potential via propping up faux-nationalists such as Andrew Anglin, Matthew Tait, Mark Collett, Jack Sen, Kyle Hunt and Greg Johnson after numerous revelations and public relations failures.

Area of Operations:

  • Gothenburg, Sweden.
  • Oregon, United States (main studio).
  • International (Online).
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