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Clearing the slate: Denouncing the noisy faux-nationalist minority: in their defamatory attempts to deny the reascension of European racial nationalism to mainstream politics.
Silent Nationalist Majority
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Jack Sen:

Other names/alliases: "Jack Sengupta", "1/8th Indian"

Prominent Associated Figures:

John De Nugent, Jez Turner (past), Matthew Tait (past), Matthew Heimbach

Groups founded/associated with:

British Renaissance, European Knights Project, Resistance Radio. Sought promotion with: UKIP, BNP, Was promoted by: London Forum, Western Spring, Daily Stormer, John De Nugent's website.

Established Facts:

  • Jack Sen writes in an article on the Occidental Observer that he has a Jewish Polish friend and "hopes" that some Jews love England [the UK].
  • Jack Sen managed to secure funding and convinced John DeNugent that he was a genuine 'white' nationalist despite his 1/8th Indian ancestry.
  • Jack Sen's wife has openly made vicious, racially defamatory comments against all 'pure' whites, this reveals her deeply anti-white worldview.


  • Jack Sen's citing of how he has a Jewish Polish friend and "hopes" that some Jews love England [the UK] could be designed to make his readers soft on racial Jews instead focusing on just leftwing Jews.
  • Jack Sen's wife made sickening comments against all 'pure' whites in a facebook post which proves she does have an anti-white worldview. Thus she is either is a leftwing and/or Jewish activist and racial nihilist as she is clearly politicized and pro-colored, despite appearing to be white, ugly however, probably mixed Jewish/white or far-east asian/white.
  • Jack Sen is a leftwing anti-racist who seeks to promote himself amongst white nationalists to prove a point, demonstrate an irony and to actually change white nationalists into being racially accepting of partial non-whites.
  • Jack Sen's BritRen Manifesto is utterly kosher and pathetic, completely non-racially, he writes "Hate speech laws need to be applied evenly" stating clearly that his movement advocates that they should be kept and logically thus that society should continue to have multiple racial groups within it permanently.
  • Jack Sen's writing on the typical topics written about by pro-white groups and figures is an act of immitation and used as cover for his pro-colored (literally in himself) worldview and intention to make all nationalists and their groups that he is involved with: friendly or 'accepting' towards colored people or people of partially colored ancestry like himself who are also 'talking about the problems with the West'.


"White, brown, yellow… as long as they are good for the country”
-Jack Sen

"Regarding my being part Indian. My grandfather arrived here..."
-Jack Sen, - Admitting he is 1/8th Indian, something he did not initially disclose, instead attempting to pass himself of implicitly as white until observers pointed out the obvious.

"As long as I wasn't fixated on the Jews - which I am most definitely not -"
-Jack Sen, an admission made on social media contradicting his cover-image of being primarily a anti-Jewish, pro-Western culture abstractly and without race? Because he is certainly not a pro-white activist, despite his lipservice dabling in race and IQ subjects.

Forms of Faux-Nationalism:

  • Civic Nationalism
  • Covert anti-racist faux-nationalist infiltration
  • Indian Nationalism (directly endorsing non-white nationalism whilst inside a white nation (the UK), as a person of mixed race Indian ancestry).

Primary reasons for Condemnation:

  • Attacking the coherence of white nationalist ideology with civic-nationalism and anti-racism
  • Attempting to downgrade the narrative of white nationalist movements into being submissive to and accepting of people of mixed race like himself
  • If Jack Sen's agenda were successful you would see a downgrading of white nationalist movements into accepting a lower threshold of what is the definition of the nation their nationalism pertains to, potentially even a complete decimation of white nationalist groups affected by Jack Sen into complete multi-racialism, thus a neutralization of white nationalism by contradiction to its meaning.
  • Jack Sen's 1/8th Indian ancestry renders him unsuitable for any prominence in nationalist politics and contradictory to the ideology of white nationalism and any form of non-statist nationalism.
  • Jack Sen in himself, as a 1/8th Indian and as a disruptive, implicitly anti-white faux-nationalist, demonstrates via his existence why it is so important for the future of whites that we prevent miscegenation and maintain our racial integrity. That this can be said of someone who attempted to promote themselves as a white nationalist leader is highly indicative of the need to condemn and boycott him, though we should briefly draw attention (to counter his otherwise solely negative effect) to this sole positive lesson in showing just how important it is to prevent things like himself from coming into existence and gaining political prominence or even presence in our white societies and nations.
  • Jack Sen's 1/8th Indian ancestry, which he was aware of, attempted to conceal by not declaring it, forcing people to instead expose this about him, only after which he admitted it to manage his public image, reveals a hostile intention and knowledge that he would rightly not be accepted as a wannabe-leader by what he saw as gullible white nationalist supporters and readers.

Area of Operations:

  • West Lancashire, United Kingdom
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