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Clearing the slate: Denouncing the noisy faux-nationalist minority: in their defamatory attempts to deny the reascension of European racial nationalism to mainstream politics.
Silent Nationalist Majority
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John De Nugent:

Other names/alliases: Freak

Prominent Associated Figures:

Jack Sen, Various re-incarnations of himself.

Groups founded/associated with:

John DeNugent website, British Renaissance, Resistance Radio, European Knights Project.

Established Facts:

  • John DeNugent has supported financially and vocally: a mixed race individual in their bid to attempt to become the chief faux-nationalist in 'their' country (Jack sen/UK).


  • John DeNugent was tricked into supporting financially and vocally a colored white-nationalist leader. Alternatively John DeNugent could be a leftwing fraud with a pro-colored agenda, explaining why he would support a visibly mixed race person in the UK as a 'white nationalist leader' and 'indigenous Briton': a term he sickeningly applies to 1/8th Indian Jack Sen... Just no.
  • John DeNugent works with Jared Taylor: attacking him, with such pathetic 'exposes' as to deliberately make Jared Taylor look credible in contrast: in this regard John DeNugent could be said to be Jared Taylor's controlled opposition, to prevent others from attacking him, for fear of looking like John DeNugent. The under-sold detailing of Jared Taylor's leftwing/Jewish researcher wife could be evidence of a controlled expose process, note the close coverage and collaboration from the SPLC throughout that story. However this is unlikely, but that it is so possible goes to show how pathetic John DeNugent's self presented image is and how this damages the credibility of everything else he talks about.


“The simple truth is that I am known for and have written extensively, and factually, about reincarnation... Now, as for me, I am certain, based on many indicators, that I was a German in the Third Reich in my last life.”
-John De Nugent, Interview by fellow faux-nationalist Jack Sen.

Forms of Faux-Nationalism:

  • Universal Image Defamation: Projecting an appearance of lunacy and incoherence.
  • Potentially Edgelording if not acting; Projects an extremely egotistical front image.

Primary reasons for Condemnation:

  • John DeNugent's endorsement, financial and vocal support of Jack Sen shows absolute zero racial sense, perception and judgement skills and thus he could be denounced solely as a result of this.
  • Faux-Nationalist networking with various faux-nationalist figures and groups of contradictory ideology: helping to promote and keep afloat vitriolic faux-nationalist figures.
  • Anti-White racial hatred: open hated for 'Normans' and 'Nordics' and potentially others, openly stated in his writing. Instigation of racial infighting: an internal disruptor.
  • John DeNugent's contentious egotistical front image, presenting himself almost as 'the' chosen one of American White Nationalism has no grounding and is contradicted by his non-existant achievements both in substantive victories or broadcasting of messages. This image and his attacks on so many others, when corroborated with his openly stated hatred for 'Nordics' and 'Normans' indicates he is likely either mentally insane or a vicious, mentally insane (or projecting that image) leftwing, pro-colored activist, in this regard he could potentially be the worst form of intentional faux-nationalist rather than just an unstable edgelord, which is the color the SPLC portray him in.

Area of Operations:

  • United States, International (online),
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