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Clearing the slate: Denouncing the noisy faux-nationalist minority: in their defamatory attempts to deny the reascension of European racial nationalism to mainstream politics.
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Kevin MacDonald:

Is not a Faux Nationalist but needs to make improvements on his conduct and associations.

Other names/alliases: KMac

Prominent Associated Figures:


Groups founded/associated with:

Occidental Observer,

Established Facts:

  • Kevin MacDonald is an evolutionary biologist who wrote scientific analysis of Jewish behaviour as a product of evolution / an evolutionary survival tactic
  • Kevin MacDonald chronicles much of Jewish history in the context of group evolutionary strategy. Kevin MacDonalds works is in this regard very good and provides a good rational understanding of Jewish behaviour. Kevin MacDonald's work has huge potential to informal normal mainstream America of the Jewish problem in a non-Christian way.
  • Kevin MacDonald was involved in leftwing anti-war movements during his 20s.
  • Kevin MacDonald gives lipservice to/is a christian in contradiction to his evolutionary perspective on the problem of Jewish behaviour, most Christians view Jewish behaviour through the Jewish lens of biblical context and new testament vs old testament conflict.


  • Kevin MacDonald has associated with various faux-nationalists and philo-semites without regard to standards in who he allows to claim him and associate with him for his work for their benefit.


"Jews won the culture war without a shot being fired"
-Kevin MacDonald (This claim by Kevin MacDonald is a sign of his deep-rooted philo-semitism and is not true, Jews have killed many nationalists prior to the 1960s, including millions of Germans in two world wars and countless promotions of fratricidal conflict amongst European nations, Jews have personally killed many Europeans directly from ancient Rome (the Jewish terrorist group the Sycthians that promoted Christianity through murdering non Christian administrators within Rome) to the modern day (examples such as the Weather Underground)).

Forms of Faux-Nationalism:

  • Philo-Semitism in the form of appreciation for the 'accomplishments' of Jewish evolutionary tactics.
  • Christian lip-service/adherence to Christianity (a product of Jewish zero-sum group supremacy tactics and he knows this or can 'know' by taking a basic analytic approach just like he does versus the rest of Jewish subversive 'critique' behaviour. Christianity being the ultimate 'culture critique' of pre-Christian right wing European tribes in the context of its inception).

Primary reasons for Condemnation:

  • Inconsistent association and collaboration with Philo Semites Jared Taylor.
  • Legitimization of the faux-nationalist National Policy Insitutute ego-project of Richard Spencer
  • Initially praised by Jewish academics for his first works after their release as they were percieved as Philo-Semitic, indicating his works could be creating an undercurrent of philo-semitic appreciation within his reader's minds and amongst the Alt-Right and their online readers as much as they educate about the Jewish Involvement in undermining other racial group's interests as a evolutionary tactic. He was only later critized when Jewish critics realised the effect his works could have in creating an awareness of Jewish evolutionary tactics.
  • Kevin MacDonald's readership remains small and the reach of his book has been limited to the already racially aware alt-right and far right political intellectual circles. Thus Kevin MacDonald has largely preached to the crowd with works that could insidiously be creating an undercurrent of psychological philo-semitism or a subconscious appreciation for the Jews from a biologist' like perspective admiring a killer virus.

Ways he can improve

  • Cease involvement with all of the faux-nationalists listed on the boycott list.
  • Publicise his book in wider non far right circles to reach mainstream audiences. Seek interviews, make his own press conference type events independently of faux-nationalist tag alongs.
  • Cease giving lipservice to Christianity out of a fear of retribution from Christian white nationalists.

Area of Operations:

Laguna Hills, California / California State University, Long Beach.
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