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Clearing the slate: Denouncing the noisy faux-nationalist minority: in their defamatory attempts to deny the reascension of European racial nationalism to mainstream politics.
Silent Nationalist Majority
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Matthew Tait:

Other names/alliases: "Deformed Inbred-Jew looking face"

Prominent Associated Figures:

Jack Buckby, Jack Sen (past), Jez Turner, Dave Yorkshire, H Millard, Max Musson, Jared Taylor, Richard Spencer

Groups founded/associated with:

Western Spring, National Action (Western Spring's 1st street movement sub-division), Sigurd Legion MAC (launched as the 2nd section to National Action in the event it was shut down by the goyim's police), London Forum, Win-White, Renegade Tribune,

Established Facts:

  • Matthew Tait was pictured with his arm around Jack Buckby the openly, Jewish Zionist civic-nationalist and proclaimed descendant of faux-holocaust survivors at a nationalist meeting.
  • Matthew Tait has collaborated with open Philo-Semite Jared Taylor who claimed 'Jews are white' and 'look white to me' in a live television interview.
  • Matthew Tait writes about how he tries to meet with other faux-nationalist groups and street marching/soccer groups to try to get them to join the Western Spring or collaborate and share details/resources in some unspecified manner.
  • Matthew Tait operates the Sigurd Legion MAC (Martial Arts Club: which in a speech at Amren he describes not as a martial arts club but simply as a "self-improvement" camp). Pictures published by the Western Spring on the Western Spring's website showed a group of men standing naked in a circle with their hands to the sides, posing around a fire. This correlates with comments seen about Matthew Tait on social media every time he appears where people are allowed to comment.
  • Matthew Tait imitates many of the talking points of the alt right. The Western Spring seems to emulate and follow the narratives other faux-nationalist and non-faux nationalist websites are writing about at any given time and throughout atleast 80-99% of his writing avoids mentioning Jews.[1]


  • [1]This suggests an inauthentic faux-nationalist color-copying effort, lacking real understanding of the ideology, seeking to insert himself as the proverbial cuckoo placing his egg into the blackbird's nest. This  indicates a parasitic approach to political immitation, lacking originality, demonstrating an intellectual laziness and malicious parasitism to divert support away from potentially real nationalist groups towards his faux-nationalist series of groups and pages, which the Western Spring is the center of since the closure of its National Action sub-division for tricking goyim into planning terrorism and then reporting on them. This is indicated by the numerous federal arrests of NA members yet they have failed to kill anyone and have ALL been caught whilst planning attacks before they could get anywhere near conducting them: suggesting the National Action group informed on them after encouraging them to write down theoretical plans, otherwise all those jailed people would have atleast killed someone.
  • There is a significant trend of comments and posts on any videos, interviews or articles featuring Matthew Tait saying that he was a homosexual who was involved with the BNP during his past and caused trouble with other members in that faux-nationalist group.
  • This is also a significant amount of posts accusing Matthew Tait of being a spy for leftwing UK based anti-white campaign group Hope Not Hate (which specialises in anti-white Hatred and hopelessness), with one from a group leader who claimed to have met Matthew Tait and emailed things which were then written on the aforementioned group's website that he had only told Matthew Tait.
  • Matthew Tait is a philo-semite and his reluctance to mention the Jews and more so his fanaticism of blaming more successful whites than himself (a mythical 'White Liberal Elite') as the cause of the problems facing the nation he lives in. Perhaps this hatred for a mythical White Liberal Elite reveals he considers superior whites his personal problem.
  • Matthew Tait's speeches are routinely aimed at demoralising his 'white' audience with mainstream political defeatism, as summarised by the article on the Western Spring espousing and titled: "The futility of Electionering" saying there is no hope in any election, despite being proven wrong in the trajectory of European elections (and to an extent our current President's victory over Hillary Clinton, although Trump is compromised, the narratives he stole from the alt-right won over Hillary's SJW narratives) and especially disproven by the referendum his website tried to cast doubt about which way to vote in.
  • Matthew Tait's speeches and online videos are all, without exception aimed at promoting himself as a faux-leader and contain barely any information, statistics, facts, important points or philosophical potency. They are dry, meaningless, information devoid ego-presentations, talking about insufficient tactics that he will not even achieve: and hasnt done for over 6-7 years online pushing his 'Western Spring' in order to present himself as an option people should support: who will never achieve any of the things he dryly talks about in detached, irrational, abstract, defeatist terms.
  • Matthew Tait has filled his 'Western Spring' with philo-semites, recieved endorsements from the Philo-Semitic Jared Taylor and from its online presence achieves no more than 10 people at it's national-action backup-version (Sigurd Legion) gatherings.
  • Matthew Tait's heavily inset eyes, are strongly indicative of his potentially non-European (most likely Semitic) partial mixed race ancestry. The long, underslung form of the underside of his nose also strongly suggests this, note the similarity with the eye depth between confirmed Jew Jack Buckby and Matthew Tait's eye to nose ridge depth. Note also the dyed, exaggerated blonde hair in the picture to the right and the contrast with his hair root color. This attempt to exaggerate his blonde hair color suggests an intention to decieve his viewers as to his racial constitution.
(Photos below: Standing next to the openly Jewish Jack Buckby, Right: speaking at the new alt-Jew front group 'Scandza forum').


Italic quote, normal author attribution (TEXT)

Forms of Faux-Nationalism:

  • Philo-Semitism
  • Faux Racial-Nationalism
  • Philo-Semitic suppression of talking about the Jewish involvement in facilitating mass colored migration

Primary reasons for Condemnation:

  • Matthew Tait's clearly Philo-Semitic avoidance and outright suppression of talking about the Jewish involvement in anti-white ideologies, facilitating mass colored migration and legislative acts enforcing such warrant condemnation.
  • Matthew Tait's support and promotion of faux anti-Jewish Zionist street soccer thug movement styled National Action turned terrorist group deserve condemnation. That Matthew Tait and the Western Spring still are in operation despite the UK government banning membership of National Action and all its proxy groups suggests Matthew Tait managed to manipulate them into thinking the Western Spring is a separate organisation, despite constant promotion of National Action, attendance at their events and National Action's attendance at Western Spring events (Sigurd Legion) and the sharing of speakers and personnel at National Action/Sigurd conferences.

Area of Operations:

  • London, United Kingdom
  • International (through various faux-nationalist self-echoing groups)
New Faux-Nationalist websites, groups and personas are constantly appearing:
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