National Action - Silent Nationalist Majority

Clearing the slate: Denouncing the noisy faux-nationalist minority: in their defamatory attempts to deny the reascension of European racial nationalism to mainstream politics.
Silent Nationalist Majority
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National Action:

Other names/alliases: NA, Western Spring, White Jihad, Win-white, Sigurd Legion MAC, NS131, various other kike faux-nationalist pages.

Prominent Associated Figures:

Benjamin Raymond, Alex Davies, Matthew Tait,

Associated groups/allies:

Daily Stormer (endorsed by), London Forum (staffed and promoted by), Renegade Radio (endorsed by), other faux-nationalist websites & social media groups.

Established Facts:

  • The state shutdown National Action after the Jews tried to use it to incite terrorism against themselves and blame it on whites to attempt to justify putting nationalism on par with islamic terrorism.
  • National Action gave the UK's federal government the precedent to start defining nationalism as a terrorist ideology. In the document banning them, there is a paragraph dedicated to National Action that talks about how they are defined by anti-semitism and racism which they have managed to get listed alongside various Islamic ideologies as inclined towards or indicative of terrorist intentions.
  • National Action killed 0 people: failing as a terrorist group, all of the so-called terrorists were found 'planning'[1]
  • National Action became prominent due to promotion by the Jewish Huffpost, Vice and other leftwing tabloid media and lower level leftwing promotion. They recieved national prominence most prominently only after they were banned, when they became international news.
  • National Action had a Jewish member who lived in Israel and had memorized large sections of the Torah according to the Jewish family he stayed with. This was publicised in a BBC report and repeated internationally to US english written and video media. National Action was, just like the media that promoted it: dominated by Jewish activists and instigators.
  • The Western Spring was the defacto Media arm of National Action and just like the Jews in Hollywood, gave awards to themselves for their own words.


  • [1]This indicates, that none of them even got past planning, that someone had access to these people's private intentions or notes (offline) which suggests they told National Action which then informed on them: creating the narrative of 'White Nationalist Jihadists' whilst killing 0 people.
  • National Action is just another sub-division of the older group the Western Spring and was created, according to posts on Iron March forums: to prevent genuine nationalists from forming a street movement that could be successful. The Western Spring, and philo-semites (who supported Jared Taylor) such as Benjamin Raymond didnt want a non-Western Spring entity launching a street movement as the Western Spring was primarily aimed at scooping up and doxing a more adult audience that 'nationalist youth' were not supporting or joining.
  • National Action was setup by the philo-semitic Western Spring's figures as a way to discredit and color in a bad light: nationalism as an ideology and sub-culture whilst also blocking agaisnt non-Western Spring directed street movements emerging and forming an actual SA type force in the country.


"White Jihad"
-National Action, Youtube video title & pictures

Forms of Faux-Nationalism:

  • Faux-Nazi roleplaying
  • Image Defamation
  • Edgelording (average members)
  • Faux-Racial Nationalism

Primary reasons for Condemnation:

  • Set a precedent for Nationalists and Nationalism to be classified as another color of terrorism or terrorist inclined ideologies. Getting such on a government ban list.
  • Absolute failure, through getting banned, ultimate defeat, failing to communicate any messages, killing 0 people if it was a terrorist intention it failed by all standards on that level; thus it failed literally on every single concievable level. Doubling this condemnation is that they intended for it to be this failure and set the precedent above.

Area of Operations:

  • United Kingdom (Street and social media group, later and post ban: made prominent by the Jew owned media: Huffpost, BBC, RT)
  • Finland (some visits and collaboration)
  • International (online social media pages, promotion via Daily Stormer, Renegade Radio)
New Faux-Nationalist websites, groups and personas are constantly appearing:
If you find a figure or group not currently on the boycott list email their details.
There is still a huge amount of writing that needs to be done vs. current entities.
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