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Clearing the slate: Denouncing the noisy faux-nationalist minority: in their defamatory attempts to deny the reascension of European racial nationalism to mainstream politics.
Silent Nationalist Majority
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Samuel T. Francis:

Other names/alliases:

Prominent Associated Figures:

Jared Taylor, Kevin MacDonald

Groups founded/associated with:

Council of Conservative Citizens, American Renaissance

Established Facts:

  • Samuel T. Francis was fired from the Washington Times for speaking at the Philo Semitic American Renaissance leading to his promotion with the Council of Conservative Citizens.
  • The Southern Poverty Law Center promoted Samuel T.Francis's as important in the alt-right, helping his reputational rise. George Michael also helped promote Samuel T. Francis by declaring him as one of "the far right's higher-caliber intellectuals". Note the use of the term "higher-caliber" to assert his reputation.
  • Samuel T.Francis was openly philo-Semitic, who supported Jews and Jewish Supremacism and merely spoke about the Ruling Managerial Classes. He attributes Jewish involvement merely as a result of coincidental alignment and "support". He believed that Jews in the establishment were somehow subordinate to the White Managerial Class system and not at all to blame. Samuel T.Francis placed all blame for the degradation of White interests on Whites with better income and reputation than he had and refused to admit the Jewish dominance.


  • Samuel T.Francis was a faux-nationalist fraud who sought involvement in the alt-right merely as a back up career after he tried to achieve prominence by associating with the Philo-Semitic alt-right (American Renaissance). When this backfired he clawed for positions of prominence within the Alt Right, he was promoted by the SPLC and numerous 'extremist experts' as a 'higher caliber' white nationalist intellectual in order to ensure this deeply Philo-Semitic individual achieved dominance in the otherwise potentially anti-Jewish power circles of the Alt Right intellectual circles.
  • Samuel T.Francis, up until his death, never openly achieved any success in fighting against Jewish supremacism nor did he achieve any success whatsoever for white advocacy, he merely served to confuse and 'undermine the homogeniety' of the alt-right through his virulent Philo-Semitism indicated by not only his refusal to talk about the Jewish influence behind anti-white efforts, but his sly, manipulative attempt to categorise Jewish involvement away as merely a result of coincidental support and apparent alignment.


“Jews within the managerial elite serve as the cultural vanguard of the  managerial class. . . . perform[ing] a support function”
-Samuel T.Francis, Why the American Ruling Class Betrays Its Race and Civilization, Race and the American Prospect, pp. 397

Forms of Faux-Nationalism:

  • Philo Semitism
  • Civic crime concerned racial faux-nationalism.
  • Communistic Ideological opposition to and placing blame with a theoretical 'managerial class'.

Primary reasons for Condemnation:

    • Indicatively Samuel T.Francis's comparatively Philo-Semitic work is defended and promoted and argued on behalf of by the Philo-Semitic faux-Nationalists in the likes of the American Renaissance and Counter Currents. The infamous, philo-semitic faux-nationalist ideology author-promoting Counter Currents ran a damage control article on behalf of Samuel T.Francis attempting to explain away and justify his Philo-Semitism through 2 contradictory arguments (that he knew about the Jews and tactically decided not to write about them and that he admitted they were involved but only to a small 'supporting' degree).
    • Samuel T.Francis's works attempt to insert the communist trend of opposing a theoretical 'magagerical class' into the intellectual talking circles and online reading platforms of the racially aware right as a topic for mass distraction and contentious disctraction away from Jewish Supremacism. Many of his fellow faux-nationalist quasi-intellectuals have promoted him as a result of this approach he took, seeing it as a useful distraction and thus cover for their wish to protect their Jewish racial interests in the event of nationalists becoming mainstream.

Area of Operations:

America (past, deceased),
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