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Clearing the slate: Denouncing the noisy faux-nationalist minority: in their defamatory attempts to deny the reascension of European racial nationalism to mainstream politics.
Silent Nationalist Majority
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Sinead McCarthy:

Other names/alliases: "Sinny"/“Shiksa Goddess” / “Goyim Goddess" / "Boudicacious" / "Lil Shiksy"

Prominent Associated Figures:

Kyle Hunt,

Groups founded/associated with:

Renegade Tribune/Renegade Broadcasting (present) / Heathen Herbs (present) / Gary Lauck/Zensurfrei (present) / RWDS Entertainment/Blink 1488 (past) / Renegade Vids (past) / Heathen Women (past) / Sacred Maternity (past)

Established Facts:

  • Sinead McCarthy has a distinctly Jewish facial appearance. Sinead McCarthy is a former trained actress/singer and has studied behavioral science.
  • Sinead McCarthy promotes jewish feminism and claims to be a feminist, while ruthlessly bashing racial nationalist and any prominent European women, including the sustained online stalking of former radio hosts (Recent (2019) Example: Tabitha), authors, and even past radio (really a low-viewership online podcast and not a radio) show guests.
  • Sinead McCarthy sickeningly attacked the father of a 10yr old girl, attempting to damage that 10 year old white girls' familial security and safety, that of Shaun of TCTA Unleashed, a racial nationalist radio program. Shaun used to be the audio engineer for Renegade Tribune who ran the radio section of Renegade for Kyle and Sinead, who setup much of the audio infrastructure they originally used, before Sinead forced him out by attacking him behind the facade of him being against per peculiar sub-form of Jewish feminism.
  • Sinead McCarthy has promoted the Flat Earth Theory, attempting to associate it with racial nationalism. Sinead has attempted to ridicule people who believe in the reality that the Earth is a planet. This both undermines the credibility of the subjects they cover as well as being a faux-justification for attacking actual racial nationalists (99%+) who do not believe in a Flat Earth... *
Sinead McCarthy with blacks
Sinead McCarthy with Black Men
Sinead McCarthy Jewish Face
  • *Racial nationalism is based on science and evidence whereas Flat Eartherism (as espoused by Sinead McCarthy) is the opposite of that and is a form of Christian reactionary argument that was originally overcome hundreds of years ago by observers up to Galileo who defied the Catholic Church's worldview that underpinned their Christian theology. Flat Eartherism has nothing to do with European racial nationalism at all. And for proclaimed pagans/heathens (who do not ascribe to any one specific pantheon by the way, engaging in 'pantheon-mixing', another contradiction) to be espousing such is inexplicable other than that it is a deliberate projection of an incoherent platform of mixed fringe ideas by people who do not believe in any of them, designed to drag the Renegade audience and the image of the message of the 'Renegade' brand into being incoherent and self-defeating in order to undermine wider racial nationalism and create an intolerable 'mixed' platform which no sane person can fully agree with, establishing an inherent conflict instigation point, with which they can claim to attack others who do not ascribe to such as being 'frauds' rather than attacking from the position of just being a pair of Jewish anti-whites, they present themselves as some wierd subsection of racial nationalism. When examined however as above, it is revealled that they are not racial nationalists as their primary message and push messages contradictory to or at best unrelated to European racial nationalism, racial realism, white nationalism, economic national socialism, etc.

  • The 'short' list of former Renegade writers, radio hosts, website assistants and racial nationalist figures (who associated briefly with Renegade) Sinead and Kyle have attacked/harassed: (some names are their writing names): Tabitha, Callwen, Shaun Surplus, Mike Sledge, Monica, Heathen Vegan, Aria Whitebeam, Daphne Rimmel, Jack Duillio, Mike Walsh, Dan Rayner, Elena Haskins, Seana Fenner, Vegannance, Shield Maiden, LoneWolfOne (Josh), John Kaminski, Sylvia Stolz, Ursula Haverbeck, Horst Mahler, Monika Schaeffer, Steed, VK Clark, Paul Fromm, Alfred Schaeffer, Paula Forslund (A genuine, Swedish nationalist mother with good political image, sickening that they attacked her), Chris H, Rollie Quaid, Allison Chabloz, John Smith, John Friend, Dave in Texas, Blackbird9, Radio Free South Africa (Schalk and Karin).
  • This list proves beyond dispute the sheer destructiveness of Sinead McCarthy. Almost all of these figures and writers below were people contributing to Renegade. Search some of their names if you doubt it. Sinead has tried to make all these listed different racial nationalist persons, of different viewpoints, many of whom contributed to Rengade, out to be some negative connotations ranging from 'psychos' to 'frauds'. The reality is that Sinead is the fraud, insane to think that all these contributors are in the wrong vs the Jewish Sinead. There are dozens more genuine racial nationalist victims of Sinead's image-sabotage and online harassment tactics not listed here.

  • Sinead McCarthy has led malicious personal attacks against countless former Renegade radio hosts, article writers, and even commenters and guests. She seems to take sadistic pleasure in attacking others, and the stalking can last for months, and often extends to the families (including children) of the target. She has defamed and doxed some former contributors long after their association with Renegade has ended.
  • Sinead McCarthy could not compete in the very competitive media and music scene in which she tried to be successful, for her, attacking racial nationalists was the runner up career move that enables her to steal money from her enemies whilst having a sense of low-level 'fame' or 'infamy' all whilst campaigning for continued Jewish societal and political dominance through undermining the credibility, believability and coherence of racial nationalism through the methods of attacking genuine others whilst undermining the credibility of racial nationalism.
  • Sinead McCarthy promotes the JWO 'vegan' diet (a.k.a. “plant-based”) and attacks non-vegans as vampires and murderers. Any discussion of anything but a high carbohydrate, low fat (oil-free) diet will lead to verbal attacks or being banned from Renegade. This diet is not only unnatural, but very dangerous to the white race who evolved in the cold climate on a nutrient dense, animal foods-based diet.
  • Sinead McCarthy promotes anti-speciesm which makes it nearly-impossible for her to be a genuine, believing racialist or a race realist.
  • Sinead McCarthy has an unknown amount of funding. What is known is that they con small amounts from racial nationalists through overcharging for alternative health products sold by their low-quality re-selling front, Heathen herbs which they acquired the components for cheaper in addition to re-selling of entire bulk bought products and compounds at a higher price in small volumes.
  • Sinead McCarthy claims to be a heathen of some kind while ridiculing and slandering many who are seeking to root in old traditions including several former writers and radio hosts most recently including: Heathen Vegan, Dan Rayner and Tabitha.
  • Sinead McCarthy attacks authentic voices as being "frauds", "psychos", "shills" (complete projection and hypocrisy), attempting to silence and paralyze their efforts.  This is the same thing Jews do when they cry "antisemitism." vs. the Renegade audience's perception of all the authentic figures they attack at any given time.
  • Sinead and Kyle's website rankings have recently collapsed from being consistently at around 80,000-100,000 Alexa ranking down to consistently at a 170,000th ranking. This shows since their spate of attacks on prior writers and radio hosts: Heathen Vegan, Jack, Dan Rayner, Tabitha and then Callwen, Renegade has lost almost half its average recurring readership.
  • Sinead McCarthy's online conduct mirrors the far Leftist jewish tactics almost perfectly following the 1971 book Rules for Radicals written by jewish communist Saul D. Alinsky. Especially: "Ridicule is man's most potent weapon.", "A good tactic is one your people enjoy." "Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it ('renegade it'), and polarize it."
  • Sinead McCarthy has done numerous shows where she blatantly lies about European ancestral traditions. She attempts to conflate Jewish animal sacrifice and Jewish blood sacrifice with European Heathenism.


  • Sinead McCarthy is a Jewish Woman who hates Europeans/Whites and is only writing online under the facade of being a white nationalist to undermine both the credibility of white nationalists (associating them with flat earthers amongst other things and a general crude image) and to attempt (although this has now largely failed) to assert herself as a 'figure' in order to give an otherwise outside Jewish woman an apparent 'on our side' image to enable her reputational attacks versus actual racial nationalists to be more impactful with a racial nationalist audience. This is more strategically effective than her just being another Jewish anti-white commentator making such attacks.
  • In 2019, Sinead McCarthy called on her Antifa connections to launch an attack on a top Renegade author and host on another platform, after doxing and slandering her.
  • Sinead McCarthy was shunned by /pol/ prior to 2016 after being exposed as the cause of several cases of real life, anti-white motivated doxings against real white nationalists some of whom were just first time article writers and hosts.
  • Sinead McCarthy’s father has been employed with zog-US national security contractor Sandia National Labs, a subsidiary of Honeywell International. She has admitted to having undergone therapy in the past (institutionalized at a Synanon offshoot according to one former Renegade writer). Her and Kyle have visited various alternative groups and cults in person, they have talked about this on their radio program, probably for doxing purposes.

  • Sinead has hypocritically made vile and clinically insane allegations against a number of former radio hosts as being pedophiles or growing up in a "pedophile cult". Context: Sinead is likely Jewish.
  • It has become clear to several former Renegade contributors that with these incessant accusations, Sinead and Kyle have been conspiring to merge pro-whites of all kinds with pedophilia. Kyle was criticized for a Yule 2018 broadcast centered on child abuse and pedophilia which was likely done strategically, laying the groundwork to eventually associate Odinism and folkish Heathenism in general with pedophilia. Even their documentaries and continual focus on pedophiles cements this association  in search engines and the public mind, mirroring the national media's focus on pedophile politicians falsely linked to white interests from Augustus Sol Invictus to Trump.
  • Anyone who has heard of Kosher/Halal butchery or eating the 'host' in Christianity understands that the Abrahamic religions engage in Jewish blood sacrifice. Sinead attempts to align Odinism with the monotheistic Abrahamic religions, using this false accusation as a springboard to project the heinous and inhumane Jewish crimes onto the white race. In essence, Renegade is promoting Jewish spiritualism and corruption. This is corroborated by Kyle Hunt's promotion of Jewish mysticism right up until Renegade emerged online.
  • Sinead McCarthy is likely a jewess (Kyle is likely also or an Irish leftist racial-cuck (some say a literal cuck)), she has routinely used the Hebrew goddess Lilith as her personal avatar on various profiles. Lilith is a jewish-feminist heroine, and in hebrew folklore, a demonic vampire succubus who steals energy from men, preys on pregnant woman and eats children. Sinead McCarthy knows this.
  • One former Renegade writer has stated that both Sinead and Kyle have become visibly emaciated. Stating that they advocate an ideology of veganism that has become a surrogate religion to them, along with flat eartherism and pantheon mixing,  attacking those who don't prescribe to their specific philosophy as cover justification or out of an attempt to box their audience into strict adherence with a set of views that are inconsistent and will damage the reader's believability when they repeat them elsewhere.

  • Renegade exposes itself as a controlled-opposition-to-the-controlled-opposition platform that appears to data mine authentic nationalists and uses tactics of intimidation and the threat of doxing in its cult-like, diminishing following.  The website attracts intelligent and aware people, acting as honeypot to ensnare them. One former guest has confirmed they had their real life network of friends contacted via social media by Sinead to damage her real life security and networks.
  • Sinead McCarthy employs distraction tactics, attacking friend and foe, both obvious shills and authentic nationalist voices – if exposed, falling back on her cover, if forced to, that she’s just “crazy.” The goal is to silence genuine voices, activists, and racial nationalist movement bridge-builders, those that make the mistake of associating with Renegade and thus show themselves to be constructive people. Many dozens of unknown figures have been deterred from any further involvement with racial nationalism after having been doxed, slandered or harassed by Sinead after writing or performing a recorded segment for Renegade online.

  • Sinead and Kyle engage in drawing attention to and fostering a sub-culture of inter-European ethnic conflict to divide Europeans against eachother that are unfortunate enough to chance across the Renegade Radio podcasts. They claim this is being done by anonymous commentors via comments and not them, yet they permit it over and over. The most recent example of this was when they said that commenters were trying to instigate Polish-German tensions, in reality this was Sinead and Kyle fomenting this conflict in their own readership.
  • Sinead has shown a psychopathic malice for any fallout from her real life doxing of those living in countries with limited free speech who used to write/record for Renegade who then subsequently stopped bending the knee to them.

  • They have fermented English-Irish, German-French, Russian-US and other conflicts on their own website, transparently. Even if we were to believe their lies that it is anonymous users doing this, they allow the comments (which they do not as they are very quick at removing comments pointing out inconsistencies in their narratives) and by mentioning inter-European conflict, Sinead and Kyle give more prominence to and foster artificial conflicts between European populations more effectively than any commenters could ever do by themselves. They are creating this atmosphere of self-destructive conflict amongst their own readers and listeners. In the captured, serial repeat-readership base that Renegade's collapsing online rankings rely on.

  • Sinead McCarthy appears in the recent past to have had online promotion (linking to her posts) and protection from various Jewish allies – from lowbrow comment spammers to 'faux-sophisticated' profiles and persons (very few remaining)- who used to rally to her defense across various platforms. Some handles participating in gaslighting regarding Renegade as controlled opposition according to one former Renegade Tribune writer's observations are: Ian Miles, Erick Turck, compdude100, Savage Peasant, and True Entertainment, while she herself uses countless sock puppet handles to gangstalk a target or create a group atmosphere of intimidation whilst presenting a false image that she has any supporters as of 2019.

  • Sinead McCarthy gives prominence to the obvious outed faux-nationalist figures (many Jewish like her) via incessantly trash talking them, to make Renegade look legitimate whilst not actually doing anything to combat them or promote an alternative. While she has exposed faux nationalists and their networks, she has also contributed to amping up the noise and drama of this diversionary “conspiratainment” scene.
  • Sinead espouses a narrative that is strategically causing depression in the white male readership/listenership base of Renegade. Sinead McCarthy seeks to demoralize white men. This is corroborated by the photographed examples of her dating and performing with black men in her immediate past (which she has confirmed and tries to brush off as in the past and has lied about the dates thereof).
  • Sinead has a past and current record of attacking 100% of European Women involved in exposing Jewish influence or promoting the continued existence of Europeans. This is not surprising as these mothers and political advocates are her ultimate rivals. She attacks the mothers whose children shall defeat her, her Jewish family and Jewish Supremacist's internationally. Sinead is indefensible and transparently a vicious, spiteful Jewish woman, a manipulator and prolific shit-poster against any rightwing European women who achieve any prominence online. Sinead has gone far beyond the point of ever being able to deny that she has an unparalleled hatred of 'all other' i.e.: racially European, non-Jewish women involved in any form of political engagement or even role modelling. This is clearly visible from the attacks she has made versus all female rightwing political figures including the few who hosted podcasts with Renegade (most recent examples: Tabitha, Callwen). She even has immorally and fanatically sought to undermine the future wellbeing and familial security of a daughter of a man who was a prior Renegade host and website admin.


When asked if she thinks ALL German dissidents, including Horst Mahler, Sylvia Stolz, and Ursula Haverbeck are “controlled-opposition” actors, she replied:
“At this point, yes I do.” -Sinead McCarthy (Solar Storm 1-27-2019)

Forms of Faux-Nationalism:

  • Faux-Racial Nationalism
  • Faux-Heathenism
  • Faux-Counter-Semitism
  • Faux-Feminism (Judaized Feminism)

Primary reasons for Condemnation:

  • Sinead McCarthy, a hideous manipulator, has arguably been the most destructive personality (Video Compilation of Evidence) among both the international and American faux nationalists, with her demoralizing faux-ridicule, doxing, and vicious character assassinations of everyone from jailed German dissidents to both established and emerging nationalist authors and radio hosts and website admins and moderators that have worked with or 'for' her.
  • Mixing unrelated conspiracy theorism (Christian Flat Earthism) with European racial nationalism.
  • Serial defamation and slander of almost every single prominent racial nationalist she has ever worked with, without exception and without justification with no prior build up or visible valid reasoning. Post attacking a figure, Sinead (with manipulative support from Kyle) then edit posts and attempt to build up a profile of why she attacked them afterwards... Attacking all forms of racial nationalists and anti-Jewish supremacist writers, radio hosts and article writers, from Dan Rayner to David Duke, making herself a strategic asset to Jewish Supremacists in undermining the reputation of various racial nationalists with the repeat readership base of Renegade Tribune.

Area of Operations:

  • Florida, United States.
  • International (Online) (Attempting to target European readers primarily)

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