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Clearing the slate: Denouncing the noisy faux-nationalist minority: in their defamatory attempts to deny the reascension of European racial nationalism to mainstream politics.
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Silent Nationalist Majority Updates

Significant updates:


I am not Steven McNalen

I have recieved a few emails accusing me of being Steven McNalen due to the similarity with my name some people found on traces of social media. My name is Steven and does end with Mc but it is not McNalen. I am not Steven McNalen. Steven McNalen is a faux-odinist and faux-nationalist and there is a page detailing him here on Silent Nationalist Majority. I am not Steven McNalen.


Silent Nationalist Majority Truth: A Sheer-Power Demonstration of the potential of this website.

Since the completion of the pages on Kyle Hunt, Sinead McCarthy and Renegade Tribune/Radio (some of the only fully complete pages) the truthful information relayed there and the call for a boycott has caused a massive collapse in the viewer numbers of the Renegade Tribune. From around its prior normal 80,000th to 130,000th range the Renegade Flat-Earth, Vegan, faux-nazi brand has collapsed to below 450,000th ranking. This indicates that readers have given up on the obvious faux-nationalists. The timeline of their decline starts when this website finished the above pages with all the information contained on them. This is fantastic news for real racial nationalists, the decline of the insane flat earth vegan weirdos at Renegade! Sometimes it is incredible to think how anyone would visit them, It was likely due to the regurtitated content and narratives taken from the generic racial nationalist scene, the camo that manipulated 1st time visitors into thinking they were (European/White) racial nationalists. Notice how similar the now non-existant web ranking overlap of the Western Spring is to Renegade.

The issue was new readers of their site never new about these things but now they do and they know the decade long story of Jewish Mysticism promoter Kyle Hunt. The true colors of Rengade are freaky, destructive and Jewish, like almost all of those on the boycott list. And now they have lost 400% or so of their website traffic or more.

This shows the power potential of the Silent Nationalist Majority website as a force for clearing aside the faux-nationalists. Those who see this website and think it is small, underfunded and undermanned, well it is (as the many unfinished pages show) but it is already having a huge effect. The number one source of webtraffic for this website is people searching the names of various faux-nationalist groups and self proclaimed 'figures' so the impact is direct and disseminates widely to the readers of various sites.

Please remember that for all of the unfinished and empty pages there is just as much evidence awaiting being copied to them from my folders and huge multi-GB stockpile of screenshots, text, video clips detailing these faux-nationalists, their statements, their lies over time, some going back to 2010. So if you see an empty page and do not think it is convincing, because it has not yet been completed, obviously, you might think oh that persons page is empty therefore they cannot be bad, or that is not enough to convince me yet,  know that you are completely wrong, just like all of those hundreds of thousands of once (now no longer) repeat visitors of the Renegade Tribune. Realise that the evidence is already in and it is damning for me to have even made that page.

The evidence pile against all of the faux-nationalists listed on the boycott list is huge, check back to see continual updates to the hundreds of pages over time that are occuring. I have been updating this website since 2019 gradually. One person, a fulltime parent, this task is a long term, non-enjoyable (and unpaid) one but a necessary one for real, credible, professional racial nationalists to even stand a chance of breaking through the faux-ones and emerging to save our nations, think that is worth the unpaid effort of one parent, it is a parental thing to do, to seek to make provisions that will protect the future.

*Thanks also to those who emailed evidence, more evidence for me to sort into my massive pile of evidence which all eventually has to end up formatted online and some on the endorsements page who helped write parts of pages.

For your part all you have to do is have the common sense to boycott every single last faux-nationalist on the boycott list and that is so easy to do: simply do not visit their websites or view their content at all. If you still do, remove all bookmarks to anything from the boycott list. Do not be tempted to view any of their sites. I used to view a few of the websites on the boycott list (which is how I learnt about them over time and why I decided to do something about them) and now that I do not view them I feel much more positive and enthusiastic about life and politics and do not waste time reading faux-nationalist camouflage content that is riddled with misinformation and demoralization inserted into small %'s of videos or whatever format the given example is in. These faux-nationalists, the videos, the articles, they do nothing for you to read them and quite frankly some of them are clearly written to attempt to cause depression (something people now realize is a thing with these groups, 'blackpilling' is what one side does to their enemy during wartime not what they are supposed to do to their own readers). Boycotting such things is a huge positive. I have had a few emails on this subject, one pertinent one recently, individuals who are otherwise silent nationalist readers/web surfers thanking me for saving them the time investigating and others saving them from wasting away as a follower of these various faux-nationalists.

The Silent Nationalist Majority has recieved several high profile private endorsements from iconic and high optics racial nationalists, private endorsements and public endorsements from dozens of others, some of which are (and will be) reciprocal via the endorsements page. The majority however for privacy reasons do not want to be on there as the keyboard-spamming effort of faux-nationalist internet-manipulators like Weev, Andrew Anglin, Greg Johnson, Kyle Hunt, Rightstuff.biz circles and Sinead McCarthy, will surely be aimed at them when they realise the power of a simple text website that knows their true color and is not forgetting the immediate past of faux-nationalists in mobilizing the silent nationalist majority to simply boycott them.

That power is in your web-browser dear reader: the power to not give traffic, which translates as money (advertisements, or suckering in less intelligent users, via the effect of traffic bandwagons who then, through lack of education and or intelligence, cause subscribtions or donations to occur to paypals, bitcoins, patreons, etc) and in some suspected cases extra direct funding from their Jewish faux-nationalist sponsoring entities to these faux-nationalist philo-semites for meeting their behind the scenes investment criteria targets of certain video viewer, download, visitor numbers etc to keep their faux-nationalist projects going.

The message of this website on behalf of all the silent nationalists who got here through searching for the names of various faux nationalists: to those faux-nationalists (who will read this, after vainly searching their own names) is: your totally fucked, increasingly everyone knows about you, your philosophical and racial color is too obvious, just like the decline of Renegade you too will decline and in your place your worst nightmare will arise: real, credible, genuine, successful European racial nationalists who will boycott, annihilate and overtake you and take back all white nations from your and your Jewish colleagues' hands.

The Silent Nationalist Majority is becoming less silent and will not be mis-directed by you or your kind.

To the 1st time and average readers: You are the silent nationalist majority and the immediate, factual record and logical observations made by people like you are recorded here at the Silent Nationalist Majority so that no one forgets and that increasingly everyone knows: share this.

^^Emphasis on the knows :)
New Faux-Nationalist websites, groups and personas are constantly appearing:
If you find a figure or group not currently on the boycott list email their details.
There is still a huge amount of writing that needs to be done vs. current entities.
STANDARDS OF EVIDENCE: Established facts & 'Allegations' should be separate.
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